Our Mission

The Center for Soulful Relationships is a wellness center dedicated to helping high achievers and change makers make an even greater impact in the world by healing the hurts that hold them back from their full potential. We do this through our skillful integration of healing practices that work.

We believe even the highest achieving individuals are only achieving a fraction of what they are capable of. What holds them back are the hurts they have experienced throughout their lives. As a result of these hurts, most of us build walls to keep others out and keep ourselves safe. What we don't realize is these walls don't keep us safe; they keep us small, stuck, isolated, and alone. 

It's in taking down our walls that we achieve true intimacy, connection, satisfaction, and success in our relationships and our lives.

Our greatest power lies in our ability to heal our relationship hurts. As we do that, we will be able to make an even greater impact on the world.
— Shirani M. Pathak, Founder

Who We Work With

We are a boutique counseling and consulting practice located in Silicon Valley offering an innovative new approach to help high functioning, put together people, such as yourself, heal the interpersonal hurts that keep you feeling stuck, dissatisfied, misunderstood, and alone in your life. 

All of our clients do well professionally or academically and find a disconnect with their personal lives, in particular, in their interpersonal relationships. Our client's lives are pretty well put together, and they usually have difficulty with other's behavior. Most of our clients are "fixers" and think "I've got it together, why can't they? Let me just help them (my partner, parents, children, bosses, coworkers, friends, etc) get it together too."

Our goal is to support you as you dive deep into the stories of your interpersonal relationships and heal the hurts you had along the way. As a result, you will experience the peace, wholeness, and contentedness you have been longing for and your relationships with others won't bother you a much as they used to.

At the Center, Shirani works with high achieving, over functioning women who are movers and shakers in their industries and can't seem to figure out the one thing women feel like they are supposed to figure out: their interpersonal relationships, while Christopher works with individuals and families where perfection, overachieving, and working too much seem to be the theme.