To the Silicon Valley Tech Wife Who Feels All Alone

I see you.

You've got the house, the cars, the shoes, and from the outside, it all looks good.

But on the inside, you feel a sense that there's something missing...

Your husband works all day and when he's home, you want so badly for him to connect with you.

A hug, a kiss, a "Hi honey, I'm home" would be great when he walks in the door.

Instead, he's tired and wants to be left alone, walking past you as if you don't exist.

There's a pang in your heart that you've learned to ignore.

You do your best to leave him be, knowing how hard he works to provide for the family.

He's already stressed and you don't want to burden him any further, but you wish he could just see...

You don't want to feel like a whiner, complainer, or a nag, after all, when you do connect, the two of you are actually a really great team.

So you just stay quiet instead, accepting what little attention you get, trying to convince yourself it's not that bad...

But inside you're craving more: more love, more intimacy, more connection. More hugs, more kisses, more tender embraces. And most of all, more acknowledgement for who you are and your contribution to the family.

You want to be seen.

If this sounds familiar, then welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

I help tech wives and their tech exec husbands reignite intimacy and connection again.

Your desire to be seen, and heard, and acknowledged don't have to be just a dream.

I've helped many silicon valley tech couples learn to appreciate one another again.

By working with me husbands learn to appreciate their wives in the way she feels most loved and wives learn how to ask for what they need.

And unlike traditional therapy models, where you meet weekly with your therapist and it takes forever to get things done, we meet instead for a 2-day private retreat.

You and your husband will learn how to understand one another and you'll take what you learned and practice it at home. Before you know it, your relationship will be transformed and you'll get the attention and the acknowledgement you so desire.

You'll smile more, your insides will feel full, and you won't have to put on a show for the outside world anymore.

If you're ready to dedicate 2-days to learning the ins and outs of getting what you want in your relationship, I invite you to use the button below to apply for your complimentary Get Acquainted Call with me.

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