Our founder, Shirani M. Pathak, often gets cited in the media as an expert in the field of psychotherapy and relationships. She's also written guest articles for others, appeared on podcasts and radio shows, and has done speaking engagements in the community. Check out some of her media and guest appearances below.

Quoted in:
How Your Relationship With Your Dad Can Affect Your Love Life, According to an Expert (HelloGiggles)
The 32 Most Overlooked Reasons Why Marriages Fail (Redbook Magazine)
27 Genius Things Healthy Couples Do Together (Redbook Magazine)
20 Fights You and Your Spouse Should Stop Having (Redbook Magazine)
33 Tiny Habits That Are Slowly Ruining Your Relationship (Redbook Magazine)
20 Relationship Warning Signs Smart Couples Never Ignore (Best Life Magazine)
21 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You to Do (Cosmopolitan Magazine)
10 Date Night Ideas That are Better than a Netflix Binge (Reader’s Digest) 
9 Toxic Behaviors that Could be Ruining Your Relationship (Insider)
9 Things that Could be Causing You to Have Painful Sex (Insider)
Can Watching too Much Porn Affect Your Sex Life? (Bustle)
11 Signs Your Relationship with Your Mom Will Probably Never Improve (Bustle)
11 Little Gestures that Can Improve Any Relationship (Bustle)
11 Interesting Things Your Sex Life Can Reveal About Your Relationships (Bustle)
11 Common Things People Lie to Themselves About and How to Stop (Bustle)
9 Ways to Leave a Significant, Positive Impression on Everyone You Meet (Bustle)
9 Little Habits of Couples with Perfect Communication Skills (Bustle)
The One Thing 11 Relationship Experts Think You Should Know About Your Partner Before Marrying Them (Bustle)
9 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Too Dependent on Sex (Bustle)
How to Tell the Difference Between Love & Lust, According to Experts (Bustle)
How to Get Through Father's Day if You have a Complicated Relationship with Your Dad (HelloGiggles)
9 Subtle Signs Your Partner is Toxic & Not Worth Your Time (Romper)
7 Things To Do When You Realize You and Your Spouse Aren't In Love Anymore (Romper)
How Promo Products Salespeople Can Beat Stress (ASI Central)
4 Reasons You're Ready for an Open Relationship (HerCampus)
Rebound Friendships are Just as Real as Rebound Relationships (SheKnows) 
¿Perdió amigos que eran de toda la vida? No se sienta mal, es más normal de lo que parece (Pulzo)
11 Secrets of Confident Women (P&G Everyday)
“Habits (Stay High)” Article on Wikipedia and in Spanish
Therapists Share their Self Care Tips (Laura Reagan, LCSW-C Blog)
Why Did You Start Your Business (HearPreneur) 
Psychotherapist Thinks Students Should Consider a Masters in Social Work (CBS SF Local) 
5 Addictions Specialists Have Little Known Secrets for Parents of Addicted Teens (dansevigny.com) 

Guest Articles Written by Shirani:
How to Win a Man's Heart 
Empowering Intelligent, Confident, Independent Women to Take Back their Power (She Owns It)
How to Make Online Dating Work for You (DigitalRomance)
“It’s Okay to Ask for Help” in Lynbrook High School’s Alethia Publication Issue What My Friends Don’t Know About Me (May 2014) 

Podcast and Radio Appearances:
Her Life Unscripted Episode 22: Calming the Chaos Within with Anna Osborn
Women in Depth Episode 4: How to Cultivate and  Nourish Your Relationship with Yourself with Lourdes Viado
Bliss Bits Radio Show with Moneeka  Sawyer
How to Love Your Partner Interview Series: How to Love Your Alcoholic Partner with Robyn D'Angelo
Sweet Peas in a PodCast with Michelle Jennae
Making a Difference Radio Show with Sheetal Ohri on Desi 1170AM

Speaking Engagements in the Community:
Love, Sex, and the Divine: Talks on Relationships and Spirituality (Enchantations in Campbell, CA)
Soul Agreements: Healing Lessons from Our Relationships (East West Bookshop in Mountain View, CA)
Your Relationships and Spirituality: What's My Soul Got to Do With It? (YMCA Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek, CA)
From Self-Love to True Love: Our Relationships and  Us (Holistic Arts Fair in San Jose, CA)
From Self-Love to True Love: How to Create Deeply Fulfilling Relationships (East West Bookshop in Mountain View, CA)
Healthy Relationships Start with a Healthy You (Saratoga Library, Unstoppable Women of Silicon Valley, and Enchantations in Campbell, CA)

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