Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in San Jose, CA

When you met your spouse or partner the sparks flew and you knew she was the one for you.

You could laugh and talk for hours, never wanting your time together to end.

There was a level of comfort, a sense of familiarity.

You both felt at ease.

So you made the decision to choose one another, bright eyed with big hopes and dreams for your shared future together.

Yet, as time passed and you moved through life, settling into your day to day routine, you noticed you and your partner seem to have drifted apart:
She focuses on the kids and the household and you feel like you don’t quite seem to fit.

Anytime you try to connect, you just can’t seem to get it right.

Rather than address the feelings, you begin to avoid one another instead…

You turn to your hobbies, she turns to the kids, and the distance between the two of you grows.

You each have a desire and a longing for one another, you just don’t know how to connect.

It’s an awfully lonely and isolated place to be… 

…Imagine what it would look like when instead of avoiding one another you could actually come together and reconnect with the loving feeling you once shared? What would it feel like if she looked at you again with that sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face? And what would it be like if you felt connected with her again?

At the Center for Soulful Relationships we help couples just like you reconnect to the love and passion they once shared with one another. We can help you not only restore the love you have for one another, we can strengthen it to feel even better than it was before.

Through our private couples counseling workshops and retreats here at the Center for Soulful Relationships we can help you and your partner learn to reconnect, feel loved, and understand one another again. 

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What Makes Our Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy Different

Our approach to helping couples heal together is unique and different than traditional couples therapy. Rather than weekly sessions that barely scratch the surface, we offer private couples workshops, intensives, and retreats. In these Couples Communication and Connection Private Retreats you and your partner will come together for one or two full days and learn how to love one another again. 

During your couples retreat, you will meet with your couples therapist to take a deep dive into what triggers each of you, where those triggers came from, and how you can support one another as you both heal together. 

You will develop a deeper awareness, a deeper understanding, and a deeper compassion for your partner and in turn, you will be able to restore the love, intimacy, passion, and connection you once shared. 

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