Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in San Jose

As you sit next to your partner, you find yourself feeling empty inside. There's something missing. There's something that's just not quite right...

Work is going well. Friendships are going well. But "us"...You feel there's something amiss with "us," even though your friends would never know it. 

What happened to the love?
What happened to the joy?
What happened to the meaning we used to share?

It feels like you're both hollow shells of people, simply doing the motions of moving through life. 

Wake up, make breakfast, run out the door. Come home, make dinner, zone out in front of the TV or social media, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Day after day.

You barely touch, and when you do, it's like you're distant strangers. 

You barely speak, and when you do, it's either the small talk of the day to day or it's because you're pushing one another's buttons, building anger and resentment.

What happened to the intimacy?
What happened to the connection?
What happened to the love?

Rather than turning towards one another, you're each either turning away, or, one is turning towards while the other is turning away. 

You wonder, "What happened to us?" 

And you think, "We can't keep going on living this way..."

If any of the above sounds familiar, welcome, you are in the right place. 

We help professional couples who have lost the sense of love, intimacy, connection, and passion in their relationship get back in touch with it again. 

You chose your partner because you love them, you saw a life with them, and if you're in the place where the life you saw with them isn't matching the reality of the life you have with them today, please reach out to us. 

We can help you do a deep dive into your relationship so that you can reconnect to the love, the joy, the meaning, the passion and the intimacy again. 


How Couples Counseling Can Help Your Marriage or Partnership

When you met your spouse or partner the sparks flew and you knew he or she was the one for you. You could laugh and talk for hours, never wanting your time together to end. There was a level of comfort, a sense of familiarity. You both felt at ease. So you made the decision to choose one another, bright eyed with big hopes and dreams for your shared future together.

Yet, as time passed and you moved through life, settling into your day to day routine, you noticed your partner knows just how to push your buttons. You learned you know just how to trigger your partner's buttons as well. 

You began to have the same old argument, time and time again. Neither of you able to see the other person's side, each of you insistent that you are right. 

You argue. You make up. You argue again, seemingly never resolving the issue at hand.

You are both so in love and you want to make this work. For the most part, your life and your relationship does work...except when you get into that same old triggered fight again. 

Our couples counseling and marriage therapy private retreats here at the Center for Soulful Relationship can help you and your partner learn to understand one another again. 

What Makes Our Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy Different

Our approach to helping couples heal together is unique and different than traditional couples therapy. Rather than weekly sessions that barely scratch the surface we offer private couples retreats. In these Couples Communication and Connection Private Retreats you and your partner will come together for one or two full days and learn how to love one another again. 

During your couples retreat, you will meet with your couples therapist to take a deep dive into what triggers each of you, where those triggers came from, and how you can support one another as you both heal together. 

You will develop a deeper awareness, a deeper understanding, and a deeper compassion for your partner and in turn, you will be able to restore the love, intimacy, passion, and connection you once shared. 

If you are ready to invest a day or two excavating the nooks and crannies of your relationship with your partner so that you can love your relationship again, reach out and schedule your Get Acquainted Call with us today