Individual Relationship Counseling in San Jose


You're a hard-working woman. You've got a soft and gentle heart, yet you're afraid of being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be seen. You portray such a strong image, because you think if others found out how you really felt inside, it could ruin your entire reputation.

Your success has been built through having to turn yourself off, and you're finding that way of life no longer works for you.

As a result of having turn yourself off, you built walls around yourself, and the relationships in your life are no longer as fulfilling as they once used to feel.

You think your partner is the one distancing themselves from you, when in reality, if you lovingly allow yourself to be honest, it's really you that's creating the desire for separation...

...Because you're afraid if your partner really knew you, and saw beneath your pristine exterior, into what's laying below the surface, they would leave you.

...Because deep down inside there's a part of you that believes, "If you really knew me you would leave me..."

...Because there's a part of you that believes you are unworthy of love and affection. 

So rather than allow yourself to be vulnerable and share what's really going on, you shut yourself off further, and you feel worse and worse inside.

Your world is falling apart, and you feel you have nowhere to turn because the shame of judgement would be too much to bear...

If this sounds familiar, then welcome. You're in the right place and I'm so glad you're here. 

Your inner hustler has done a great job of getting you to where you are today, yet, you know something isn't working anymore. You also know if something doesn't change soon, you're going to burst. 

And when the something inside you bursts, you know it would really be all downhill from there. 

Rather than let that happen, I invite you to take a pause, and allow your inner hustler to take a rest. I want to give you permission to take a rest. 

You don't have to work so hard. And you definitely don't have to do it all on your own. 

I invite you to let me help you.

Life doesn't have to be a struggle. Your relationship doesn't have to be a struggle. Not everything has to be a hustle. 

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How Individual Therapy Can Help Your Relationships

As humans we are built for relationships and wired for connection.

However, when you have experienced hurts in your relationships, as many of us often do, the wires can get crossed and it can lead you to build walls around yourself. 

Over time, with continued hurts piling on, the walls you build get taller and thicker. Before you know it, your relationships will start to feel less fulfilling and you will find yourself irritable, unreasonable and discontent without knowing it.

Your life will start to fall apart and you will feel like you have to work really hard to hold it all together. 

With prolonged exposure to this sort of inner turmoil, the body will begin to develop stress related illnesses (stress, anxiety, heart conditions, high cholesterol, and sometimes even cancer) to let you know it is in dis-ease.

You might even develop an addiction to the cortisol that gives you the high and the crash.

Life will start to feel like a roller coaster, exciting at times with super high highs and then really low, lows.

Trauma, drama, exhaustion. A general sense of malaise. 

And before long, you will be doing everything you can to simply survive... all the while, feeling more and more dead inside. 

How individual therapy can help you break this cycle is your therapist will work together with you to help you find where all of your relationship hurts have come from, where all of your negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself have come from, and help you to reprogram those outdated thoughts and beliefs. 

As you do the work of uncovering all of your hurts and reprogramming yourself with beliefs that are more accurate and true about you, you will start to feel better, your relationships will feel more fulfilling, and your health will significantly improve. 

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