Individual Relationship Counseling in San Jose


You are a nurturer and a giver. You're an achiever and a doer. You're motivated, you're driven and you have a HUGE heart. You give of yourself and you deeply care about those you love...

Yet, you're starting to feel like your relationships aren't as fulfilling as they once were. You keep doing and giving and not getting the same in return.

So you focus on your work, throwing yourself further into your passions of making change in this world...

And all the while, you're starting to feel more and more empty inside...

"Why don't they reciprocate?"
"How come I'm always the one doing?"
"Why doesn't life feel satisfying and fulfilling anymore...?"

You're starting to feel exhausted, depleted, turning away from your relationship and turning to outside things for comfort instead: ice cream and cookies, wine and cocktails, sex with a colleague, that really cute pair of shoes...

"They just don't understand."

"This will be the last time."

And then you realize, "I can't keep going on this way."

It dawns upon you that if you keep going down this empty road, you'll be a shell of a person. 

What happened to your true motivation, your commitment, your aspirations, and your drive?

What happened to the love and connection and meaningful conversations you used to have with those you love?

You look in the mirror and you see an empty shell of a woman. 

You don't even recognize her. This isn't you. 

And you can't keep going on this way. 

You are ready for something different and you will take your go-getter, can-do attitude to do whatever it takes to change. You're ready. There's no more messing around.

If this sounds like you, welcome, we are so glad you're here.

As over achievers and over doers with great big hearts and a mission to change this world, we get it. 

We understand the pain you feel when you give of yourself and don't see the same in return. 

We understand that feeling of emptiness in your intimate relationships, with parents, family, siblings, your significant other, and maybe even friends, when you feel they just don't understand.

We understand the anxiety and pressure of turning to work and feeling the need to do more, either as a way to prove yourself as worthy or as a way to check out of an unsatisfying relationship.

And we are here to help.

If you are looking for solutions to your pain so that you can feel love, joy, intimacy and meaning in your life again, we are here for you.

Schedule your Get Acquainted Call to begin your journey back to love today.