Cleaning out the Friend Closet, Part 2

So, you've read the first Friend Shui post and have now gone through, done some reflecting, have thought of a few "friends" who just aren't jiving with you and what you want and need in a friendship, but now how on earth do you let that person know?Do you just un-friend them on Facebook and hope they never find out? Do you just block their phone number and hope they never find out? That would be the easy way, right? WRONG!

Put the Electronics Away and Connect!

How many times have you been out with your friends and have seen (either in your own group or a nearby group) that although everyone is together, they aren’t truly connected because they are checking their cell phones, texting other people, posting on Facebook, etc? I bet you’re laughing because I know you know what I am talking about...

Cleaning Out the Friend Closet, or "Friend Shui"

Have any of you ever had the experience of hanging out with a friend and then feeling so totally and completely drained afterwards? Or maybe you walk away from that hang out thinking, “Ohmigosh, that person is such a negative Nancy?” Or even, while you are with that person or that group of friends you feel your whole body tense up and you wish you could get the heck away?

The answer is most likely, “YES!”

Well, what do you do with friends like that? 

Self Love: Two Easy Steps on How to Get Some

Many of you may have heard the words “self-love” thrown around here and there. Different things might come to your mind when you hear these words. You may think, “I’ve got plenty!” or “What is that exactly?” You might even think “Hmmm…I could use some of that, how can I get some?” Regardless of what you might think about it, self-love is an important topic to address. 

Self-love is an act of loving ourselves fully and unconditionally. 

Dating in Peter Pan's Never Never Land

If you are a single woman living in the Silicon Valley (or any major metropolitan area), you are probably all too familiar with the Peter Pan phenomenon. You know, that phenomenon where none of the men you go out on dates with are ready to settle down because they don’t want to grow up just yet and then you’re left in single-land time and time again. Learn how to navigate the Peter Pan Syndrome.