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Cleaning out the Friend Closet, Part 2

So, you've read the first Friend Shui post and have now gone through, done some reflecting, have thought of a few "friends" who just aren't jiving with you and what you want and need in a friendship, but now how on earth do you let that person know?Do you just un-friend them on Facebook and hope they never find out? Do you just block their phone number and hope they never find out? That would be the easy way, right? WRONG!

Take a Look in the Mirror

Take a Look in the Mirror

So much of what I see in my work with women is that we tend to look to persons outside of ourselves to change our lives. I reiterate time and time again to the women I work with that they cannot seek change, validation, love and affection from anyone outside of themselves—those things must come from within. Only once the change comes from within will we be able to find ourselves in truly healthy relationships...

Finding a Moment of Peace

We live in a day and age where we are constantly on the go: Running around, rushing around, always trying to get from one thing to the next. We even do this with our life goals: Once one milestone is reached it’s always on to the next one. 

Although we might be used to it, this constant running around, this constant hurry, and this lack of ability to sit quiet and still can get in the way of our serenity and our peace of mind. 

Let’s face it, I’m sure you’ve had days in which you feel completely overwhelmed from all the things you are doing and you start to wonder if you might be losing your mind! If you’re noticing that those days are getting more and more frequent, it’s probably time to slow down...

Dating in Peter Pan's Never Never Land

If you are a single woman living in the Silicon Valley (or any major metropolitan area), you are probably all too familiar with the Peter Pan phenomenon. You know, that phenomenon where none of the men you go out on dates with are ready to settle down because they don’t want to grow up just yet and then you’re left in single-land time and time again. Learn how to navigate the Peter Pan Syndrome.