Our Energetic "OPEN" Sign is ON!

This post is a bit difficult for me to publish publicly. 


Because it requires a raw vulnerability. It outlines what my process has been over the past 5 months and what that has meant for our business here at the Center. It publicly and openly talks about how energetically, we have been "closed for business."

I am going to feel my fear, and hit "Post" anyway. 


Because it's a part of what I teach and my turn has come to publicly practice what I teach, to walk my talk. 

So, here goes...

We've had our energetic "CLOSED" sign up at the office since about June of this year.

It's been a time of great transition, great awakenings, powerful initiations, deep healing and profound integration at a cellular level.

We were open for business, but not really. We were only trying to make sure all the bills and staff were paid.

Well, as of Nov 1, 2016, I am excited to report:
We're Back!

And, we're back in full force!

Our energetic "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" sign has been hung and lit up. We are ready to rock!

Our Center has transitioned into a full out Holistic Healing Center, offering a variety of services, including holistic spiritually informed psychotherapy, integrative energy healing services, soul growth spiritual life coaching, digital products, and a whole slew of new workshops and classes.

We invite you check out some of the new sections on our website. Peruse a bit, get reacquainted with us. 

Let us know what you think about our new services and products, and, if we can support you in any way at this time, please call or email us for your free initial consultation. 

My team and I are here and we are ready to be of service to you as you are on your path to healing and awakening.  💖

Sending healing peace light and love blessings.  ✨

- Shirani M. Pathak, Founder and Director of the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley