Triple Whammy of Astrological Intensity: A time to Turn Inward

If you have been feeling any level of intensity these past couple weeks, especially this week in particular, you are not alone. 

Energetically and astrologically we have been in a sort of triple whammy. The planets and the skies, the moon, the energies, everything has been incredibly intense. 

We are currently exiting the period of Venus retrograde. Venus is the planet associated with love, relationships, partnerships and finances. The last time Venus went retrograde was July to September 2015. I wrote a little bit about her journey at that time. Click here to read Part 1Part 2,  and Part 3  of that series.

If you think back to that time period in 2015, you might notice some similarities to what might be happening in your life right now (and over the past 6 weeks). 

A retrograde period means the planet appears to move backward in the sky, although it's not really moving backwards, it only appears that way from our perspective here on Earth based on our orbit and the other planet's orbit. Retrogrades are opportunities for us to spend time in the re's: rest, retreat, review, reevaluate, reassess, restructure, reorganize, redo, rebrand, and emerge renewed. 

What makes this a triple whammy is we actually have three planets in retrograde: Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Each of these planets are heavy hitters. Venus as it relates to love, partnership, money, finances. Mercury as it relates to communication and technology. And Jupiter the planet of more, more, more. To complicate matters, we just had a full moon on Monday (in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony as it relates to relationship) and this Venus retrograde ends her journey on Saturday emerging from the shadowy depths of the underworld next to Chiron, the wounded healer. 

In plain English, what all of this means is: In-fucking-tense with lots of opportunities to feel our feelings. 

This is a time for inward reflection, tending to our own mental, emotional and spiritual closet, and mindfully and consciously remaining in the flow, as opposed to moving against it with force. It also means a time of feeling our deepest feelings, and allowing them to be, free from judgement, free from stuffing, simply allowing them to just be. It means feeling the hurt, feeling the pain, and healing the wounds. Just like hydrogen peroxide hitting an infected wound, these energies being stirred up by the astrology are gonna sting is in ways we don't like. And, the goal is to help clean out these lifelong patterns of wound and heal them. As the saying goes, in order to heal it, we have to see it and feel it.

This is a time for quiet reflection, mindful observation, and ensuring you are very well supported. This is a time ripe with tremendous opportunity for transformation, if you allow yourself to learn what your soul wants you to learn. 

Take some time to put the electronics down, slow down, turn your attention inwards, do some journaling, get curious about making connections between your thoughts and your behaviors, and reach out for support.

At the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley, we understand how the stars and the planets impact our lives and how "as above so below, as within so without." If you are ready to welcome in support from caring counseling professionals who understand these ancient wisdoms, we are here for you. Click here to schedule your free initial consultation with us.

Happy healing!