Self Worth

Outsourcing Our Power

What is "outsourcing our power" and happens when we do it?

We lose touch with the knowledge and the wisdom that resides within us.

Our bodies are powerful truth tellers and hold a ton of wisdom, as do we, when we allow ourselves to access the wisdom that resides within us.

The problem is, because most of us have not taken the time to cultivate deep and nourishing relationships with ourselves, we feel we can’t trust ourselves, or that we aren’t safe people to rely on for our own well-being. So, we turn to those outside others –other people, places, and things—for our safety and well-being.

The New Rules of Getting Over Unavailable Men

Ever feel like you need to create a bunch of rules after you break up with someone so that you don't reach out to them again and get your heart burned all over again? Yeah, you're not alone. Check out what singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has to say about it and her top rules to navigate these heart wrenching situations. 

Loving Yourself Means Knowing Yourself

How intimately do we really know ourselves? We spend so much time avoiding things about ourselves that we never truly take the time to get to know ourselves. Read more on how loving yourself is a process of getting to know yourself. 

Do New Year's Resolutions Really Work?

Do New Year's Resolutions Really Work?

We are 19 days into the new are you feeling about yourself and your resolutions? If you've been beating yourself up for not keeping up, here's a new way to approach the new year. And no, it's not too late to try something new. ;)

Transformation in Therapy

Transformation in Therapy

Therapy is messy. However, if you do the work and you stick with it, you will come out the other side and then be able to look back on the beauty that was the journey. After all, in order for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it has to digest itself and swim in a soup of its own organs in order to reemerge as that beautiful butterfly.