Tend and Befriend: A Healing Survival Response

Tend and Befriend: A Healing Survival Response

One of the most healing ways to move forward in life when faced with challenges is to have a tribe of loving, supportive people around you. Learn more about Tend and Befriend as a survival response and get ideas on how to build your tribe.

Cleaning out the Friend Closet, Part 2

So, you've read the first Friend Shui post and have now gone through, done some reflecting, have thought of a few "friends" who just aren't jiving with you and what you want and need in a friendship, but now how on earth do you let that person know?Do you just un-friend them on Facebook and hope they never find out? Do you just block their phone number and hope they never find out? That would be the easy way, right? WRONG!

Cleaning Out the Friend Closet, or "Friend Shui"

Have any of you ever had the experience of hanging out with a friend and then feeling so totally and completely drained afterwards? Or maybe you walk away from that hang out thinking, “Ohmigosh, that person is such a negative Nancy?” Or even, while you are with that person or that group of friends you feel your whole body tense up and you wish you could get the heck away?

The answer is most likely, “YES!”

Well, what do you do with friends like that?