If your relationships feel strained, this might be why


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about how your relationships are mirrors

This week I did a Facebook Live video further expanding on the topic. 

If your relationships feel strained, difficult, or leave you feeling less than pleased, this video might offer you some answers.

Watch to learn how your relationships are really mirrors for you and what that even means...

How Therapy Can Help

If your relationships are feeling strained, therapy can help. Here's how. 

Our relationships are always based on the relationship you have with yourself. So, if you are finding yourself in relationships where it feels like there is a lot of strain, difficulty or lack of support, individual therapy can help you work on reducing and eliminating the strain you have in your most important relationship: The relationship you have with yourself. 

When we work with our individual therapy clients for relationship counseling here in our San Jose office, our clients tell us not only do they feel better in their primary relationships, they also start to experience more happiness, joy and fulfillment in the rest of their lives as well.

Most clients who could benefit from working with us reach out because think they need couples counseling, and while that might be true, they find that when they begin with themselves first, their partnership automatically begins to shift and feel more fulfilling. 

What if you and your partner really want couples counseling?

No worries, we can still help!

When couples reach out to us for couples counseling or marriage therapy, they truly are in for a treat. We offer a unique service to help couples learn to relate with one another better. We offer our couples counseling sessions in a day long private intensive format. It's basically a day long private couples retreat for you and your partner!

There is magic in these retreats because couples can come together, learn what their own triggers are, and how they trigger each other. Basically, you get to learn how to handle when your partner is showing you something about you that might be difficult for you to see, and how the two of you can use these as strengths to come together, rather than wedges that pull you apart. 

If you are ready to dive in and work with us so that you can feel support and relief in your relationships, then please reach out to us and schedule your Get Acquainted Call today