How Often Do You Look Up at the Sky?

This evening as I was driving out to hear Rachel Cooley speak at East West Bookshop in Mountain View about Manifesting Abundance with the Angels the sky was INCREDIBLE! It was only 7pm, so it wasn’t quite sunset yet, but the sun was making its way through the western skies. It was hiding behind a couple of puffy clouds, but the clouds were diffuse, so the sun was still visible through them. From behind the clouds and reaching out across the ENITRE sky were beautiful, radiant, glowing rays. These rays truly were expansive. It was beautiful and very Divine. It looked as though God and the Angels were making themselves known that they are here supporting us during this very difficult time.

Then, after the wonderful workshop was completed, I noticed the big, bright almost full moon rising in the sky. Another spectacular sighting! My whole drive up to Mountain View from San Jose I got to drive alongside the heavenly glow of the sun behind the clouds, and my whole way back I got to see the almost full moon rise higher in the sky.

I got home, settled in, and realized the full moon actually occurs tonight at 3:43 am (technically it’s early Friday morning, not Friday night), so I went to set my crystals out on the patio so that they can get cleansed and recharged. While I was out there I remembered reading that this full moon is an especially powerful one for cleansing and clearing old thoughts and beliefs and so I wanted to set an intention for myself during this full moon as well. The whole time I was relaxing on the couch I was able to see the full moon from my armchair inside, but the moment I went to look up at the sky when I finally got outside, I saw that it was covered by clouds.

The interesting thing about this cloud cover, however, was that when I paid closer attention to it, there were two layers of clouds. The first layer was light and diffuse, allowing the glow of the moon to radiate out from behind it. The second layer was dark. I wanted to look away because, really, who wants to focus on the shadows and the darkness, right? Thankfully I remembered that it’s important to look at the shadows because light and dark are both necessary in life—they are both two parts of a whole. So, I turned around and had a closer look at the dark shadows of the clouds.

I was blown away by what I saw! The dark clouds were formed in the shape of a lion, standing on its two hind legs and roaring. The lighter diffuse clouds behind it illuminated the head and body of the lion like a Divine glow all around it. INCREDIBLE. That’s the only word I have tonight for the wonderful sights that I saw.

I love looking up at the sky, especially the night sky. I love watching the clouds and trying to figure out what shapes they look like. I love parking my car when I get home at night and looking up at the moon and the stars as soon as I get out of my car and before I walk into my house. It helps me to feel so grounded and present. It’s a great mindfulness activity. You should try it.

Now, back to the skies and the cosmos. So much has been going on recently astrologically and energetically and I am finding myself drawn to learn more and more. The more I learn, the more it all makes sense.

Many of my clients lately have been sharing about a feeling of complete and total chaos and unrest; a feeling of everything falling apart and things shifting in ways that they have never shifted before. I am hearing a lot of clients being in a space where they feel their old ways are no longer working as they are getting more and more awareness and breaking old patterns, but that there is a fear of fully stepping into what is up and coming, the newness.

When I do my astrological and energetic research (basically reading up on what is going on with the astrology and how the energy on the Earth feels right now and where we are heading), I keep coming across the same message: We are breaking free from old patterns, learning what no longer works for our highest and best development (both as individuals and collectively), and revisiting the patterns that we haven’t totally freed ourselves from. All of this to help us in our evolution as we raise our consciousness to higher levels of being. Which means: It SUCKS right now, but the end result will be worth it.

Many astrologers keep saying that we continue to be in a period of breakdowns and breakthroughs. However, it might appear to be going slower than we would like it to be. What is important during this time is to remember to be very gentle and kind with ourselves. Especially with the full moon energy that we are in right now, as this is a blue moon (meaning second full moon in one calendar month, which only happens about once every 2.5ish years) and many planets are positioned for turmoil and upheaval in our lives, individually and as a society. This is also predicted to be a full moon that brings up EVEN MORE emotions for our review (as if it wasn’t bad enough!). This has to do with Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter and the wonky things they are up to up there.

So, please be gentle and kind with yourselves during this time. Allow yourself to feel the feelings and learn the lessons, but don’t get stuck there. That’s not where we belong. We are moving forward, and very quickly at that. The things that are coming up for review might seem like they are coming up very close together and like you can’t catch a break, yet at the same time you might feel stuck and like nothing is happening. That’s because we are being guided to step into our Higher Consciousness as a whole as soon as possible.

The Universe wants us to be ready and in order to be ready, we need to make sure we have shed the old patterns and beliefs. And balance will be essential during our time of transition. Be open to the ah-hahs, and know that you are fully supported.

If you are having a hard time during this period, please call or email us for your free initial consultation. We are here to help. 

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