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My greatest passion is helping women heal from relationship wounds by working on their relationship with themselves. I often do this at the Center through psychotherapy. However, I've had an itch to move into offering virtual workshops for over a year now. 

I tried, but there was a part of me that wasn't ready. It felt "too risky" to expose myself to doing workshops virtually. I felt great doing the work at local venues, offering private events, but I knew I had a calling to reach more people. It was just too scary to move into the virtual world...

I sat with it, I toyed with it, I honed in some of my other special skills and superpowers (more on this in another blog...), but I just couldn't make myself do it. 

And then, earlier this week, the inspiration hit!

With that, I am very excited to announce that our first virtual offering is going to be a private, online workshop and support community!

This virtual workshop is a 3 month program that will begin on June 1, 2016 and run 12 weeks through the summer, ending on August 24, 2016. It is going to be different than therapy or coaching in that we will not be going as deep as we would during individual work. It will be in a workshop format with teaching pieces, activities and exercises, and then your participation will be to support one another with me as your facilitator and guide. We will have weekly topics, based on what the group is bringing to the table and where my intuition is guiding us to go. 

What makes this online workshop different than other workshops?

It is for us to take a soulful approach to healing our relationships. :)

We will be looking at our relationship with ourselves and taking a soulful and spiritual lens to dissect what we are being challenged with and the ways in which we are being asked to grow and evolve as souls here on this Earth school. 

This is a workshop for women who are awakening (and maybe even men if they feel called) to the Truth of who they are. This is a workshop for women (and men) to move past illusion on the human realm and look at how they have called in each experience they have had in their lives and to take ownership and accountability for their part, in turn, moving into a more empowered and embodied life. This is a workshop for women (and men) who have had enough of the struggle and are ready to take charge of their own spiritual evolution

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We will be pulling in teachings from many popular spiritual teachers and researchers, such as Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, and Robin Norwood (many of my favorite folks!), just to name a few. We will be healing and awakening together, because as we awaken, so can others around us. 

Our Soulful Relationship Healing group workshop program is going to be available to only a very limited number of participants: 10 maximum to be exact. This will ensure that we have an intimate supportive group and lots of opportunity for engagement. 

We are offering a special introductory pricing offer of a mere $5 per week (yes, I really said, $5 per know, the price of a grande fancy frappuccino from Starbucks), which totals $20 per month or $60 for the entire 3-month/12-week program. At that price, how can you resist? The best part, it is virtual, so it won't even matter where you are, you will always be able to participate at your own pace as long as you have some sort of internet access. 

Due to the nature of the type of work we will do in this workshop, an application process, including a brief interview, will be required for acceptance into the program. To request an interview, complete the online form below. 

I am soooooo excited to offer you this support this summer! <3

In joyful service, 

Application for Summer 2016 Relationship Healing Workshop

Our workshop is full and applications are now closed!

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