October in Review

Happy November!

This year is seriously just flying by! 2016 will be here before we know it and we’ll have an opportunity to look back and see how incredible 2015 has been.

This year has truly been a year of rapid transformation for everyone, including myself and the work that I do here at the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley. I’m actually looking forward to writing the Center’s Year in review! :)

As for October, we were jamming again (although not as much as we had in September). We had our regularly scheduled lunch time and evening meditation meetups as well as another Chakra Rebalancing by special request. I always enjoy facilitating the meditations and it is an honor to help guide each and every woman in the room to experience the power of mindfulness and meditation as part of our mental-physical-and-spiritual health and well-being.

October was also month 7 of the Source Healing Energy Medicine training that I am doing and it has been really powerful. Actually, this month we worked on power dynamics during the training. I have started incorporating energy medicine into the work that I am doing with individual therapy clients and the results have been profound. I am so truly blessed to be blending all of my skills to help my clients achieve the deep healing they so desire. As I learn more about the different energy systems and do my own work as well, my capacity to hold the space for my clients is growing and many people are seeing results in as little as just a few visits. I feel so very blessed to witness such profound healing and transformation happening with my clients.

Last month I also submitted my book proposal to the editor right before I jetted off to the Healer’s Retreat in San Diego with Keri Nola and Lloyd Burnett! I am in awe that what started as just a thought earlier this year has become reality (and by this I mean both the book and the Healer’s Retreat). Not only am I working on this book to get the message of health and wellness for women out to a broader audience, but it is actually in to an editor to help make sure it is the best proposal it can be. Again, I am sitting in so much gratitude for this opportunity.

Another opportunity that I have so much gratitude for is the Healer’s Retreat. I got a chance to spend 4 incredible days with other healers from around the country as we dove deep into our own work. The ripple effects of the work are still continuing to unfold and are showing up in my life in a big way. The more I do my work, the better I am able to serve my clients so I am grateful I was able to have this experience. (As an aside, I wanted to mention that when you pick a therapist or healer for yourself, you might want to choose one who has done and continues to do their own work. A therapist or healer can only take you as far as they have gone.)

November is proving to be a busy month as well with the holidays upon us. This month we will be having our regular meditation meetups and possibly another special event (I really want to start women’s circles at the Center). This is also a time that can get very stressful for people and can bring a lot of our stuff up to the surface. I highly encourage you to join us for our Women’s Meditations or to contact us if you are interested in getting individualized support through this holiday season.

Until next time, sending peace, light and love blessings. 

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