When You Want to Put Your Partner on Trial


Admit it, we have all been there… your partner does something to piss you off and you want to put them on trial!

You are the judge and the jury and there is absolutely no way your partner can win.

Conflict. Chaos. Disconnection. Distance growing between you two. That’s the only outcome of putting your partner on trial.

When you get the desire you put your partner on trial, this video shares what you can do instead.

How Couples Counseling in San Jose Can Help

At our relationship therapy office in San Jose, CA we help couples who are faced with feeling anger and resentment towards a partner take a good look at what exactly is happening that leads to these feelings. Through our couples counseling private workshops, the couples we work with are able to take a step back, take a look at their own thoughts, and as a result, reconnect with the love they share in their relationship.

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