February in Review

As I had mentioned in my January update which I posted a little late last month, February turned out to be an INCREDIBLE month at the Center!

This February we had our first Half-Day Women's Zen Relationships Retreat of the year and it was INCREDIBLE (as I knew it would be)! We had a lovely group of women join us for this very powerful day of inner reflection and deep, deep soul healing work. The women received wonderful little goodie bags filled with crystals, candles, and a very special Shirani oil blend sponsored by Enchantations in Campbell (Thank You Sabrina and Tina for helping make the Goodie Bags Possible!) to help them as they continue on their journey towards self-love, self-care, acceptance, authenticity, and communication. 

The retreat was extra special for me because it was the first time that I held an energetic field for that long! And the results: AMAZING! The women who participated got exactly what they needed, were able to incorporate into all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual, any and all of the healing work that we had done. Whatever wasn't ready to integrate yet was seeded into the field as future potential for them to be able to access whenever they are ready. 

I wanted to share about a favorite moment from the day, but there were just too many! So, I took a couple of pictures and am adding them here for your enjoyment. As a way to honor the sacred container, I only take pictures of the sacred space, and not of actual participants. You can see the space set up from the start, the goodie bags, when we dove deep into the work, and my favorite piece of feedback. I want to point out that the favorite piece of feedback was this: "What did you not like about the retreat? Leaving. :)" 

As I am writing this I am reminded of how wonderful and magical our day was. I want to share again my gratitude for the women who joined us that day and allowed me to be witness to their healing journey. Thank you so much!

February was also when I began the planning stages of a much deeper women's retreat that is starting to come together for September/October of this year! As I am in the pre-planning stages, I welcome your feedback. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to click here to share with us what dates in September/October would be your preferred dates. When you click on the link you will see that yes, this is going to be a weekend long retreat, and yes, it will be at a beautiful private home in Tahoe!!!

February I was also back at Enchantations with my signature talk on Healthy Relationships for Women. We had another lovely group of ladies join us there where they got to learn and dialogue about the self-love journey as the path to healthy and successful relationships. It is always a pleasure for me to do this work. That said, I will not be at Enchantations in March 2016 due to a pre-booked vacation. I'll keep you posted on when I'm back there again. :)

And, as usual, we had our monthly women's lunch time and evening mediation groups where I got to share in community with other women interested in meditation as one of the most wonderful paths to healing. 

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