Energy+Astrology=Feeling like a HOT MESS

The energy has been wonky. The astrology has been wonky. If you feel like you are a walking Zombie and that you are going through the wringer, you are in good company.

We have been in a period all year of rapidly moving through and shifting our energies up to a higher vibration, which means if your life has looked like what seems like a train wreck with no end in sight, you are not alone.

For some time now we have been experiencing intense energetic shifts, in order to awaken to our highest potentials, which means all the old crap that no longer serves us, all of our old patterns, beliefs, limiting thoughts, need to go!

Add all the intense energy with the current astrology and all the stuff the planets are doing up there, and you likely feel like a TOTAL HOT MESS.

Translation: Constantly having our shit blow up in our faces.

Ugh, who wants that, right?

Within the past 24 hours I’ve had some of my own old thoughts and beliefs rise up to the surface for me  to have a look at them. Just this morning I was on the phone with my mentor and friend who helps walk me through these energetic shifts. I was sharing with her how this period just SUCKS and how astrologers are forecasting that it might only get worse as Venus continues to make her journey across the sky and into “the Underworld” next week with the new moon.

I know that these energy upgrades are necessary. I get that we are evolving into a higher consciousness and are being asked to really fully step into our power so that we can serve our purpose on this planet, but damn it, as a human it’s hard to go through!

You might be someone who is usually very well mannered, but lately are finding yourself feeling tired, irritable, discontent, achy, like you can’t breathe, can’t get enough oxygen, that your stomach is unhappy, or that you’re getting dizzy spells. I cannot give medical advice because that’s outside of my scope of practice, but I can let you know that if you are feeling any of the above and these are unusual for you, you might be experiencing the effects of this energetic upgrade. (Just to be sure,  if you are concerned, you might want to go ahead and see your medical provider to get a physical check up.)

Also, if you are finding yourself being plagued with old thoughts and patterns, know that this is all a part of the upgrade as well.

The best thing that we can do in this time is to be very gentle and kind with ourselves. If our bodies are telling us to slow down and take a rest, listen. If our bodies are telling us we have too much on our plates, listen. If we are feeling foreign feelings of rage, jealousy, or discontent at another person, listen. Take the last one as an example of what old patterns might be coming up for you to take a look at and explore on a deeper level. That’s where the shadow piece comes in. We are all made of light and dark. Only when we embrace both our light and our darkness are we whole and complete. Without embracing both parts of ourselves, our evolution into a higher consciousness gets stuck and it might take us longer to learn the lessons.

So, as we are going through this time, be sure to be extra gentle with yourself, take rests, take breaks, take naps, eat what your body is craving, stay away from crowds if that bothers you (for those who are sensitive to energy you might pick up on other people’s movement through these energies and it could possibly lead you to feeling worse. If you need to be in crowds, do some protection rituals—ones as simple as even asking that a protective shield though which only peace, light and love can permeate in either direction surround you—which can be super helpful), spend a lot of time noticing patterns and reflecting on what is coming up for you to see if there is a trend that needs to be healed, and spend time journaling and meditating.

Know that this period won’t last forever (even though it seems like it might—trust me, even I feel like it feels like forever), so just take extra good care of yourself as we are going through our upgrades.

If you would like extra support as we move through these intense energies or help looking at the patterns that are surfacing, call or email us today for your free initial consultation. 

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