The Sour Date Night Video


If you and your partner have ever had a date night go sour, you will want to watch this video. In it our lead couples therapist shares some of the reasons why your date night might have turned sour. 

How A Couples Counseling Intensive or Retreat in the Bay Area Can Help

At the Center for Soulful Relationships in San Jose, we offer a unique couples counseling service called couples intensives or couples retreats. In these private day long or multi-day couples intensives you and your partner will work together with our couples therapist to learn what patterns you have that get you stuck in your relationship, what triggers you, and how you can work together to restore the love and connection in your relationship. 

If you are a couple that is very much in love and wants help learning more about how to move past the stuck patterns you sometimes get into, schedule your Get Acquainted Call today. We would love to hop on the phone and see how we can help.