Self Love

Children at the Border and You: What you have in common

As you watch the news, read headlines in the papers, and scroll through your Facebook feed, you might be feeling sad, hopeless, and angry and afraid at what is happening in our country today.

Children are being separated from their families, sometimes taken from their parents arms, and placed in modern day internment camps. Children and families are being traumatized. Families are being torn apart. Innocents are being hurt, both in the short and long term.

If you feel sad, angry, hopeless, and afraid, you are feeling the emotions which are appropriate for a terrible situation such as this.

 And while there is external work in the world to be done, I want to invite you to consider the internal work that needs to also be done within each one of us as well.

Taking Time to Pause and Review

With the end of another year upon us, I invite us to take a moment to pause and review. Set aside some sacred time to reflect on where you have been and how far you have come. Then, celebrate yourself for your journey. Read more for ideas and suggestions to help you on your review. 

Outsourcing Our Power

What is "outsourcing our power" and happens when we do it?

We lose touch with the knowledge and the wisdom that resides within us.

Our bodies are powerful truth tellers and hold a ton of wisdom, as do we, when we allow ourselves to access the wisdom that resides within us.

The problem is, because most of us have not taken the time to cultivate deep and nourishing relationships with ourselves, we feel we can’t trust ourselves, or that we aren’t safe people to rely on for our own well-being. So, we turn to those outside others –other people, places, and things—for our safety and well-being.

What is Wholeness?

When you lose touch with your wholeness, you fall out of harmony with yourself, and you experience a feeling of brokenness, of incompletion, and physical and mental dis-eases as a result.

The process of becoming whole again is all about finding all of your lost (or exiled, shunned, excluded) parts and pieces, and getting to know them. Once you are able to hear their stories, hear what they have to say, they can then be healed and re-integrated into yourself, helping you return back to your wholeness, filling up your holes from the inside out.

The New Rules of Getting Over Unavailable Men

Ever feel like you need to create a bunch of rules after you break up with someone so that you don't reach out to them again and get your heart burned all over again? Yeah, you're not alone. Check out what singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has to say about it and her top rules to navigate these heart wrenching situations. 

Falling in Love with ALL of You

Falling in Love with ALL of You

Why is falling in love so difficult? It's because you don't know who you are.

It is when you start to get to know your parts, all your inner little children, and show them the love and attention they want, that they begin to heal, thus helping you come back into wholeness and revealing the true you, the balanced you, the aligned you. The you that is perfect, whole and complete.

Loving Yourself Means Knowing Yourself

How intimately do we really know ourselves? We spend so much time avoiding things about ourselves that we never truly take the time to get to know ourselves. Read more on how loving yourself is a process of getting to know yourself. 

Loving Yourself Means More than Just Manicures

How many times have you heard the words:
“Be sure to practice self-love!”
“Do you have self-love?” or
“How does your self-love look?”

If you’re anything like I used to be, I would wonder, “what the heck does that even mean?” You think you have self love. I mean, you love yourself enough to be here, right…? You love yourself enough to be reading articles about it…

Self love is a topic many people talk about and yet, few people truly understand.

Self love isn’t about going out and getting a mani-pedi or massage (although those are nice, too). Self love is a process and a journey that begins when we decide we are worthy of our own love and attention.

The Benefits of Play

The Benefits of Play

Feel like you're going and going and don't know how to stop? Feel like you might have an inner hustler working behind the scenes? Click to learn about our Founder's experience with her inner hustler and how she took care of it. 

Self Care: A Vlog

Check out this new vlog to help you with self-care! 

"When you're not whole, when you are not complete, when you are not taken care of and taking care of yourself, it is very difficult to find success in relationships."

When Sex Hurts

When Sex Hurts

Having sex with our partners should be fun. We love the people we have chosen to call our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. We want to be able to share all of ourselves with them. After all, these are the people who we care about and who care about us. But what happens when sex isn't fun?...

Healthy Relationship Start with a Healthy You

Healthy Relationship Start with a Healthy You

If you struggle with having a loving, respectful, authentic and supportive relationship with yourself, it will be very difficult for you to be successful in any other relationships.Learn how to start loving yourself so that you can be more successful in relationships. 

Take a Look in the Mirror

Take a Look in the Mirror

So much of what I see in my work with women is that we tend to look to persons outside of ourselves to change our lives. I reiterate time and time again to the women I work with that they cannot seek change, validation, love and affection from anyone outside of themselves—those things must come from within. Only once the change comes from within will we be able to find ourselves in truly healthy relationships...

Self Love: Two Easy Steps on How to Get Some

Many of you may have heard the words “self-love” thrown around here and there. Different things might come to your mind when you hear these words. You may think, “I’ve got plenty!” or “What is that exactly?” You might even think “Hmmm…I could use some of that, how can I get some?” Regardless of what you might think about it, self-love is an important topic to address. 

Self-love is an act of loving ourselves fully and unconditionally.