Introducing: Center for Soulful Relationships

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This has been such an incredibly powerful week. 

Mercury finally got ready to finish its retrograde cycle by going direct on Tuesday morning, and boy oh boy, was I getting an opportunity to review all of my lessons before it did so! I was up until 5 AM on Tuesday morning between the healing work and the new information coming through...

The interesting thing about healing through our lessons is, once we are finally able to experience the healing and clear out the gunk that was clouding our vision, more aligned information can come through. 

What came through for me was the awareness that my business is ready to uplevel itself in a very big way. 

It had been on my mind for a couple of weeks that perhaps the name, "Relationship Center of Silicon Valley" was keeping me and my services limited. I was wondering if the people who could benefit from my work couldn't find me because they might not live in this area. Then I read an article my partner sent me on LinkedIn about really successful businesses and how they often go through a period of trial and error, sometimes relaunching numerous times, before the people they are meant to serve find them. 

And then it hit me, yes, it might really be time for a change. 

I began getting into my head around what is the new name of the business was meant to be, and I kept coming up with deadends. Not unusual when we still have stuff blocking our channels. 

Then, I began doing some healing work and as soon as that cleared at 2:30am Tuesday morning, BAM! All the new information began coming through, including the new name of the Center. I did some research (you know, domain names, trademarks, and other business research things), and the name that came through that felt so right was available! 

Actually, there were a couple of names that came through and one felt more right and aligned than the other. So, I put it out to some intuitive friends to get their sense and without knowing it, they both chose the name that felt the most right to me and my business. 

And, since the Divine always has my back (I've learned along my journey I just need to let It), my schedule on Wednesday (the day of the full moon, another big astrological event, especially because it happened in the same place in the sky as the Aug 21 total solar eclipse) was completely clear for me. I was able to take that day and head to the County and the City to file the paperwork for the name change.

It felt so right and aligned that I actually felt a strong wave of emotion come over me as I was walking out of the County Clerk Recorder's office. I had to sit down and let the wave move through me. Then I got up, made my way out of the building and was hit with another wave. It truly felt like a huge release and clearing, and coming into greater alignment with my purpose here in this world. 

From there I went to the City where I was greeted with yet another Divine messenger, a woman working there had a t-shirt on that said, "Always be open to your path and your journey." When I complimented her on her shirt, she said it was from her favorite band, Nahko and Medicine for the People, and the song was called, "Love Letters to God." Even remembering it as I write this out today brings tears back into my eyes. There is no fricking way any human being could have ever orchestrated these chain of events and I am so truly grateful for evidence of Divine support in my life.

This all truly feels so right, so aligned, so expansive, and so ready to be expressed in this way!
I am ready to be expressed in this way, and I stand in my full power and glory as the Matriarch of the Center, doing the work I agreed to come here to do. 

So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the next evolution: Center for Soulful Relationships

We are offering the same great services, with a whole new, more expansive name.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this name change and any other reflections you'd like to share! Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

With so much love,

PS: Are you joining us for Back to Earth School Night? We will be meeting to connect about the intensity of what we've been going in the world through and to experience a clearing to help us as we move into the next chapter. Click here to learn more and purchase your ticket. 

PPS: I will be back at the Holistic Arts Fair at the Community of Infinite Spirit this year, Sept 23 and 24. This is an event that is completely free so come out and join me! I'd love to see you come celebrate another level of coming out with me there. :)

Stay informed! 

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