Our Back to School Updates

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Can you believe it? We are in the final days of summer!

I, personally, am in complete and total disbelief. It feels like it has been a whirlwind with so much intensity (yes, yes, I know, I keep talking about how intense things have been...ALL YEAR LONG) and barely time to breathe.

This summer I have done many new things, both in my business and in my life. And, throughout it all, I have made time for rest and play. Well...back up, I may not have made time to rest, it was my body that called me out and put me down when it was time to rest. 

We've been in a time of a mass awakening on this planet, and these awakenings aren't easy to navigate. Think of when you are in a deep sleep and someone either turns on the light or the alarm starts to blare at you loudly through the speakers of your phone or alarm clock. That feeling of disorientation most of us get when that happens...yeah, that's what's been happening in our world since November 2016. And it's been unsettling and disorienting to many. 

My hope is we have all been able to gently hold ourselves through the process. I know for me I have learned that the more gently I hold myself through the process and the more I allow things to move through me, the easier things go for me. I wonder if that's been the case for you?

In July we celebrated our 3 year anniversary and it was wonderful to see a number of familiar faces come out and celebrate with us. It was also great to meet those of you who are new. 

Then, after our celebration, I set off on two vacations back to back! I haven't had a real vacation in 3 years and the first time I did, I may not have planned that great for them (because two trips back to back with only a few days turn around was a little crazy making). The cool part is, you live and you learn. I didn't need to beat myself up over it, I simply got to recognize where I can do it differently next time.

Once I got back from my second trip it was time to put my nose to the grind and get clear on what's happening in the business moving forward. I have lots of exciting new changes coming up and I wanted to share some of them with you today. 

First: I am still offering single session and 4-session coaching services. Yes, I am offering the VIP coaching services as well, and I know the VIP services aren't for everyone. My fee for single session coaching has increased to $222-$444 for a 50 minute session. And, as a back to school special for this weekend, I am running a special! I will honor my previous pricing of Pay What You Wish between $175 to $225 for a single coaching session. If you have been waiting for your time to experience coaching with me, this is your time! Click here to purchase the single session at the special priceThis special is good until 11:59pm PST on Monday September 4, 2017
Know you want more than a single session? Click here to purchase your 4 session package at the rate of Pay What You Wish between $666 to $888

Second: I have felt the call to honor a September New Moon Back to Earth School Night on September 20, 2017. This will be a time for us to come together in community, discuss what's been happening astrologically and energetically, and take the lessons and integrate them into your life. To learn more, click here

And finally, I have two blogs I want to share with you today. One is about the stories we tell ourselves and how to disarm the voices. Click here to read that one. And the second is a more personal one about my experience as a brown woman in America. My take away might surprise you. Click here to read my story

Well, it feels like I've shared enough for today, so there you have it my friends! 

I do hope to see you soon!

Sending healing peace light and love blessings,

PS: Have you met Christopher yet? He is our new therapist who offers Saturday appointments. Click here to meet him

PPS: Both Christopher and myself have openings in our schedules for those of you who are ready for support as you navigate through life. Click here to schedule your free initial consultation with us!

PPPS: Will I see you for Back to Earth School New Moon Night on September 20? Click here to learn more!