The Value of Personal Healing: As told by a healer

As a therapist, coach, and all around bad ass healer, sometimes I forget what it took to get here.

While I was on the phone with a new coach I recently hired for myself and she challenged me on mindset, I informed her that I have actually invested thousands of dollars over the past few years in working on my own personal development, healing, and growth. I knew I had done a lot of personal healing, I just hadn't realized how many tens of thousands of dollars I have spent in doing so. I felt the need to let her know.

In retrospect, I am actually glad she challenged me in owning my investment in myself and my healing. Until that point, I knew I was spending a lot of money on my personal growth and healing, I simply hadn't acknowledged how incredibly important it was to help me get to where I am at today. 

Later in the day as I was sharing with a friend what happened with my new coach, my friend reflected back to me how grateful she is that I am in the profession I am in: the profession of helping people heal. She explained I really get it and I am super effective at helping others on their healing path as well. I've always known this from my head space, and finally, I felt it drop down into my heart space. 

I realized in that moment that the hundred thousand dollars I spent in getting my master's degree, plus all of the time, energy, effort, and money I have invested in myself over the past decade to work with therapists, healers, coaches, and take additional trainings and personal development classes have all gotten me to where I am at today. 

Without every experience I have had in my life, and every dollar I have spent to heal it, as well as all the sweat and tears that went into the healing process (mostly tears, and anger, and frustration...more on that in another post), I have truly honed my craft as a kick ass therapist and real deal healer. 

When a client reaches out to me, I usually already know where they are at in their level of development and personal commitment to their own healing. By the time a client meets with me for the first time, I have already used my finely tuned instrument to assess where they come from, what they are hiding from themselves, and what their story is. It's one of my superpowers and gifts. 

About eight months ago, when a beautiful colleague and friend, Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, pointed this valuable superpower out to me, I wasn't ready to own it yet as one of my gifts. Over the course of just a short few months, I have been able to realize, when I don't own all of my God-given gifts, talents, and abilities, I am basically saying, "F*You God, I don't want you or need you." Wow, what a slap in the face! That was the powerful awareness I had which led me to start owning more and more of my gifts as a person and as a healer. 

So, as part of owning all of my God-given gifts and talents, I have decided it is time for me to stop playing small, stop hiding behind letters and titles, and stop playing by the rules. It is time for me to let my gifts shine and let you know that I  have something to offer: the gift and journey of personal development and healing with a woman who has been into the depths of her soul's darkest wounds and back, and has come out transformed in her own right.

Let me be a guide for you as you learn to  navigate your soul's deepest darkest wounds and transform them into your greatest gifts as well. I promise, you won't be the same when we are done. 

We can work together through traditional therapy (but not really because here at the Center we work in a completely holistic way, integrating the mind-body-spirit-and-soul into everything we do), or, we can work together through my new VIP Coaching Services package. 

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It's time to heal.  

With so much love,