February Self-Love FUN!

It's that time of year! You know, the one where it's all about LOVE! 

Before I ramble on and on about love, I wanted to first of all say, thank you so very much to each and every one of you who received my last email with LOVE. It was such a vulnerable message to send and I felt so scared as I was getting ready to hit the "Send" button (you know, because that raw, transparent vulnerability thing is kinda scary). I knew it was the type of healthy fear, the kind that tells me I'm at the edge of my comfort zone. So, I leaned in, and hit "Send" anyway. When I returned to my email and saw so many messages of LOVE returned back to me and my heart filled with so much joy and gratitude. Thank you. Thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

Now, let me ramble on and on about love. :D

It is February, it is the month of LOVE, and in that we often forget that the first person in our lives that we must love is OURSELVES! 

This weekend I am loving myself by gifting myself the experience of a powerful retreat/training experience. During this experience I will be initiated into working deeper with the shadow. To some of you that may not sound very fun, and that's okay. This is what I am PASSIONATE about, so this is what love looks like for me. And, I think I'll even add, love for me this weekend not only looks like gifting myself this experience, it also looks like gifting it to myself without feelings of guilt (because you know, some of us have a hard time loving ourselves enough to invest in ourselves...ya know what I mean? *cough cough*). 

So, as this post is  being published, I am hurtling across the sky in a tin can on my way to this experience (lol, that's sometimes how I refer to airplanes). 

As I hurtle across the sky in that tin can, I wanted to be sure I had an opportunity to reach out to you and remind you that the most loving and kind thing for you to do today, and every single day, is to make a commitment to loving yourself no matter what.

As part of helping you remember how to love yourself no matter what, I wanted to remind you about the events are are up to here at the Center this month.

On Feb 22 I will be at East West Bookshop in Mountain View speaking about Soul Agreements: Healing lessons from our relationships. On Feb 23 I'll be back at East West facilitating the companion 2 hour healing workshop associated with our soul agreements. To learn more, you can visit our Meetup group, or East West's website

Then, on Feb 25, Perry will start his 3 week series: 
Fight, Flight, and Freeze: Creative Expression for Anxiety. This is a powerful workshop intended to help those who live with anxiety, or those who love someone who live with anxiety, learn how to get into deeper relationship with the anxiety via creative expression (no creative experience necessary!). To learn more about this workshop series, please visit our Events page

I wanted to share that I felt called to once again offer the special pricing on Soul Growth Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Healing services as a part of this Self-Love Weekend. 

If you are ready to make the investment in working with me privately for either coaching or energy healing, click on the appropriate link below. If you wish to learn more about each of these services, click on over towww.ShiraniMPathak.com to learn more. *Please note, due to legal and ethical considerations, current or former psychotherapy clients of the Center are not eligible for the Coaching or Energy Healing services. Thank you for understanding. 

YES, I am ready for Soul Growth Spiritual Life Coaching!
YES, I am ready for Integrative Energy Healing!

Last but not least, I also wanted to remind you that ourDigital Products, which include guided healing meditations and a Soulful Self-Love Workbook, are also great investments you can make for yourself as you are on your soulful healing journey. 

Oh wait...one more thing (for real this time). This weekend you can simply practice self-love by showing up for yourself and honoring your own needs and desires. This might be sleeping in, an extra long tea break while watching the clouds pass by, or telling your partner "Mommy is off duty." These are wonderful ways to also practice being loving and kind to yourself during this weekend of self-love. 

No matter what you decide to do, ENJOY!

Sending you healing peace light and love,