2017: The Year Ahead

Well hello 2017 and year of the Fire Rooster (for those who are familiar with Chinese Astrology)!

2016 was a year of going deep and expansion at the core of our beings. 2017 will be no different (well, except maybe it'll be just a little bit sweeter). 

Last year the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley saw some big and exciting changes: 

We hired our first staff members.

We launched our first digital products.

We did our first healing intensive retreat weekend. 

It was a big year. 

In the midst of it, there was also lots of deep, inner soul work happening for me as I prepared myself and my business for this deep expansion. Which meant, I wasn't always able to facilitate events and  hold space as regularly as I had wanted to.

This year I have asked the Divine to help me be better able to hold the space for others so that I can do what I am here to do: help people heal by healing their relationships with themselves. 

So far I've been getting the green light!

This excites me because I have so many exciting new things to announce that we will be doing here at the Center this year. :D

Our biggest change is:
Our meetup community, which was previously called Women's Mindfulness, Meditation, and More, has now evolved into a co-ed space for both women and men to gather in community as we are all on the path to awakening.
Our community's new name: Silicon Valley Awakening Souls.
If you are not already a member of our community, we invite you to join here--> Silicon Valley Awakening Souls

Along with the shift in our meetup community, we now also have a Facebook community attached to the Meetup community. Once you are a member of our meetup group, you will get the information on how to join our Facebook group if you so feel called. 

With this shift, this means we will be offering a better variety of opportunities to learn with us. 

Events we already have in the works are:
Mindfulness for Everyday Connection: A Couples Workshop (Feb 4)
Soul Agreements: Healing Lessons from our Relationships (Feb 22)
Soul Agreements Healing Workshop (Feb 23)
Fight, Flight, and Freeze: Creative Expression for Anxiety (3 part series, Feb 25, Mar 4, and Mar 11)
Cultivating Your Intuition (March 2017)
Healing Retreat Weekend for Women (April 2017)
Mother Daughter Event (May 2017)
Father Son Event (June 2017)
And, this is just a preliminary list! There's more to come!

Astrologically speaking, this is going to be another intense year with further opportunities to get deep into your soul and work with your shadows: the parts of you that you have so carefully stuffed into the deep dark corners of your psyche. One of my fave astrologers, divine harmony, amongst others, have suggested if you aren't already participating in therapy or other healing work, this is going to be a year where that level of support can greatly help you along your journey. 

Please know that my staff and I are here to support you in any way that we can. 

Perry has openings on his schedule for those who feel called to work with him privately. I also have space to provide support to the souls who feel called to work with me at this time as well. 

Please be in touch as you are ready to welcome in the support that we offer. 

We are really excited to be of service to you!

With so much healing peace light and love blessings,