Taking Time to Pause and Review

Review and Reflect

As our year prepares to come to a close, I want to share with you some powerful practices that you can use to review your year.

Taking time to pause and review is important to our overall well-being. Taking time to pause helps us to look back and see what worked, what didn’t work, where we came from, and where we are today, just to name a few. Taking time to pause allows us to honor and acknowledge ourselves and our journeys.

Too often I feel like we don’t give ourselves ample time to pause. We live in such a hustle and bustle world that feels like it is constantly on the go. It feels like there is no time to pause.

The tragedy with that is, if we don’t allow ourselves time to pause and review, how do we know what’s working and what’s not? How do we acknowledge where we started and how far we have come? When we don’t allow ourselves the time to pause, reflect, and review, we do ourselves a disservice. All too often, we end up doing the same things and wondering why our lives still aren’t working.

In the past, I almost never took time to pause and review. Life was too busy, there was no time, there was just too much to do. Life didn’t work so well all those years. Finally I began taking time to pause and review. Sometimes I do this daily, sometimes I do it weekly. Sometimes I only do it during major milestones throughout the year. And each time I allow myself to pause and review, my life always works better.

That’s why, today I want to share with you some of my favorite practices for pausing and reflecting.

  1. Decide what are good times for you to do this pause and review. Do you want to do it daily? Weekly? Monthly? Only at major milestones (like birthdays, anniversaries, and the start or end of a new year)?
  2. Dedicate a sacred time and space to doing this review. Carve out time that is only for you and this loving review. It can be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or even half or a whole day. The only important part is that you pick a time that’s going to work for you and stick with it.
  3. Pick how you are going to do this review. Do you prefer to write and want to keep this review in a journal? Or is art more of your thing and you would rather do this review by creating a piece of art which expresses your review? Some people enjoy using candles, crystals, and oracle or tarot cards to support them in this process as well. The possibilities are limitless. Experiment and see what works for you.
  4. Pause and reflect on the following questions:
                  Where was I at the start of this period (ex. This time last year, at the beginning of the day, etc)?
                  Where am I at right now?
                  What growth have I observed in myself?
                  What have I done or what has worked really well for me?
                  What has not worked very well for me?
                  What do I want to keep doing?
                  What do I want to start doing?
                  What is it time to stop doing?
                  What would I like this next period to be about for me?
                  Anything else I want to note or acknowledge?
  5. Have fun, there is no wrong way to do this! The last step is to have fun during this process. This process isn’t a time for you to beat up on yourself, it is a time for you to reflect on your strengths, and identify areas of improvement. It’s also a time to celebrate and honor how far you have come. Allow yourself this celebration and know that there is no wrong way to do this.

This year I am allowing myself to take almost 2.5 weeks off over the holidays so that I can engage more deeply in this review process. As I wrap up important projects from 2017, such as putting the finishing touches on the newly re-visioned Soulful Self-Love e-course, and finishing my first draft of my book manuscript, I am also carving out time to do this process with you.

Here’s to our taking time to pause and review! Enjoy!

PS: I would love to hear what some of your wins have been this year. Scroll down and add a comment letting me know what you're proud of this year. 

How to Reflect and Review