Surprise: Cyber Monday VIP Special!

Over this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend I have been spending a good amount of time getting more intimately familiar with myself, my purpose, and who I am here to serve in this world. Helping women who struggle to feel peace and fulfillment in their relationships lights me up in such a way, and I have been a little unclear as to what exactly I am to offer other than private one to one work. 

This weekend as I allowed myself to connect in with my soul's purpose, my offerings have made themselves more clear to me. 

For the past couple of years, everyone who knows me can tell you I've been singing from the rooftops about the benefits of loving ourselves and the 4 step system I have developed to help women cultivate this love for themselves. 

Most of the time I have been teaching these principles to my clients in private sessions behind closed doors and at a premium price. It's been great to do that, and while I do LOVE working with clients one to one and in workshop settings, something within me kept stirring, telling me I am not reaching as many women as I could. 

To help step further into my purpose I began offering this information in talks, workshops, and retreats in the community. Yet, I kept having that nagging feeling that this information needed to be packaged up and made accessible to even more people.

When I tapped in and connected to my inner wisdom, I knew this information wanted to be presented as an e-course. However, I didn't quite have all of the right systems in place at the time. 

So, I tried to give birth to it as an online summer program. It was okay. I really enjoyed it. Yet, the feedback I got was it was too intense: too much, too deep, too little time. 

Then I tried again. I packaged it up as a workbook. I thought if people could have access to all of the material and move through at their own pace, it would be better. Again, it did okay, and it wasn't what I knew it could be. 

So, earlier this year when my favorite e-learning platform announced a very special sale, I checked in with myself and made the big leap to go ahead and buy a subscription to the platform.

Since the time I said YES to the subscription and to making this soulful self-love journey exactly what is has been meant to be, I have been getting more and more clarity about how to make this material the best material I can. 

I am happy to report that she is finally almost ready to take her official e-course entry into this world!

I am putting the finishing touches on this amazing e-course and she will be released on January 1, 2018, just as we enter into the new year!

As a part of my inner circle and tribe, I wanted to extend a very special offer to you as a token of my appreciation for being part of this journey with me. 

I am inviting you to join me as part of my VIP Early Adopter team!

The regular price for this course when she launches in 2018 is going to be $247. 

And, because you are a part of my inner tribe, as a VIP special for you, I am offering this course at a deeply discounted price of $97 for Cyber Monday Only!

That is a savings of $150! 

For those of you who have followed my work, you know that when I have offered workshops such as these live, they range from $175-$350. So, you know the low price of $97 is a STEAL!

Will you join me to deepen into your soulful self-love journey just a little bit more? 

I sure hope you do!

Here's What You Get:

Lifetime access to the course for as long as the course exists. That means you will have access to every updated version of this course. Yes, you read that right. Once you sign up for this course you will ALWAYS have access to it, and you will receive all of the updates and revisions as they are made. 

Six modules that take you step by step into the process of learning how to love yourself and others in a more soulful, wholesome and fulfilling way. 
     Modules include: 
     Introduction and Overview
     Soulful Self-Love: Learning to love yourself
     Soulful Self-Care: What is self care really and why is it important?
     Soulful Authenticity: How allowing ourselves to be seen and heard matter
     Soulful Communication: The alchemical magic which occurs from the previous 3 steps and how this allows us to have deeper, fuller, more wholesome relationships in our lives
     Congratulations and Conclusion

Audios, Videos and Written Content within each module to help you better understand the concepts of the module. Audio and Written content are downloadable so you can take them with you on the go. 

The satisfaction of knowing you are taking steps to show up as more loving and fully present in your day to day life and interactions. 

Remember, this incredibly low price of $97 is only available through Cyber Monday on November 27, 2017 at 11:59p PST. After that the prices goes up to $247.

Are you ready to be VIP with me? Click here to purchase. 

PS: Why not make it more fun and get one for yourself, and gift additional registrations to family and friends as well? You will have the option to buy for you plus up to 4 if you wish. :)