Falling in Love with ALL of You

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This week we continue with the topic of falling in love with ourselves. 

Last week it was about getting to know our thoughts better

Today we are going to work on getting to know our parts better. 

What are our parts?

They are the thoughts, feelings, and experiences we have which make us whole.

Typically these parts live within our psyche, or in our subconscious mind. They are based on experiences we had, the feelings we experienced as a result of those experiences, and the thoughts we form about ourselves as a result of those feelings (think back to last week’s voices). And, they often present themselves in the form of a mini-you, who lives inside your mind.

Sometimes these parts are also called, “the inner child.” I speak more about the inner child here.

What happens all too often is we are afraid of our feelings which relate to our experiences, and therefore we are afraid of our parts, and we want to ignore them instead. We feel we aren't well equipped to handle the feelings and so we push them down instead of allowing them to move through us.

This then creates parts of ourselves which are fragmented off from us. We take these parts of ourselves which we are afraid of, and we shove them into hiding, and then we fear them more, just like the monsters children fear hide under their beds. 

Once we fragment these parts of ourselves off from ourselves, two things happen:
1. We lose touch with our wholeness, and
2. We make those parts of ourselves feel ugly, unwanted, and alone. 

And when that happens, we lose touch with our ability to experience a full range of emotions and cultivate a deep and nourishing relationship with ourselves. 

Think about it, when someone feels ugly, unwanted, and alone, they start to contract, to withdraw, and to shrink into further isolation. And then, when triggered, those people can go into bouts of anger or further depression.

The same is true of our parts. When our parts start to feel ugly, unwanted, and alone, they contract, they withdraw, and then when they feel triggered or threatened, they go into bouts of anger or further depression. And THAT is when we start to act in ways that seem uncharacteristic of the ways we usually are.

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Little do most people know, it’s those bouts of anger and those fits of depression or rage, or those “uncharacteristic” ways of being, that are invitations for you to go deeper within yourself. It is the way your parts are letting you know they are seeking your love and attention. It is the way your parts are letting you know they are hurting and they want your love.

A lesser known fact: it is when you start to get to know your parts, all your inner little children, and show them the love and attention they want, that they begin to heal, thus helping you come back into wholeness and revealing the true you, the balanced you, the aligned you. The you that is perfect, whole and complete.

We love helping our clients experience this wholeness.

If you are ready to get to know and love all of your parts and pieces, click here to schedule your free initial consultation. We are here for you.