Vulnerability from Me to You

Today I want to share with you vulnerably and authentically about my own personal process. 

Since last week I have been sitting in a deeply introspective place, meditating with myself and my business and trying to hear what she is telling me, to hear what she needs from me. Although I sit and meditate (almost) daily, sometimes it can still be a little difficult for me to hear my higher guidance, especially when my own blocks and barriers are getting in the way. 

This has been an intense year. There has been lots of change, lots of healing, lots of development, lots of growth--not all of it pretty. I have given birth to many new babies this year (at least 4 I can think of right now), and although the conception was fun, the gestation, the labor, and the birth, not so much. 

It's been a real process and quite the journey.

Although the vision of what is to come in 2017 has still not made itself completely clear to me, what has been made very clear, is there needs to be a change in the pricing structure for a number of my products and offerings, effective immediately. 

When I conceived the idea of creating digital products and offerings, my goal was to be able to help people access the healing I offer who might not necessarily want or need to work with me individually. Along the way somewhere, the wires got crossed and the main objective got confused. 

In connecting with myself and my business over the past week, I have been able to get clear on one thing for sure: All Digital Products are now being offered on a Pay What You Wish Pricing system, with a lower starting price point than I had originally posted them for. 

Guided Healing Meditations are now available for download starting at $2.49. 
The Soulful Self-Love Boot Camp Workbook is now available for download starting at $9.99.
We have added an upgrade option that includes the Soulful Self-Love Boot Camp Workbook and Private Facebook Community starting at $27.
And the Soulful Self-Love Boot Camp Workbook, Facebook Group, AND 30 minutes of Private Coaching Package now starts at $77 with a suggested price of $97. 

If you are feeling the call to welcome any of these supports into your life, please click here to visit our Products page. 

Another thing that became clear to me is the Year End Healing Ritual for Women scheduled to take place next week Friday Dec 16, 2016 really doesn't want to cost $75. She wants the cost at $37.50 pre-purchase via PayPal, or, $40 cash on the night of. If that is something you have been thinking of joining us for, I would encourage you to pre-purchase your ticket here--> Year End Healing Ritual for Women. 

And now here is the real vulnerable part of my story: I didn't want to reduce the prices of these offerings and then share this with you because so many people (all those "experts" and "professionals") tell you, "Never Reduce Your Rates!" "Reducing your Fees Devalues You!" etc etc etc. I thought if I came to you and shared a reduction in the pricing of some of my offerings, you would make up stories about me and call me a failure. So, I took the opportunity to sit with myself, sit with my parts, call upon my supports, and then take this very vulnerable step to share with you. 

Now, here I am, taking a risk, and sharing vulnerably and authentically with you, and, I am hoping that you are receiving my vulnerability with an open heart. I hope you receive it as a reminder that I am human too, and I experience my own vulnerabilities too, just like you. Brene Brown teaches us it is through vulnerability that we can connect authentically.

So, again, here I am. My name is Shirani, and I am human and vulnerable, just like you.    

If you feel any of our Digital Products or Year End Healing Ritual for Women can be of support to you, I invite you to click the links above to welcome that support into your life. 

With so much gratitude and in joyful service,