The Perfect Cup of Tea

I have been thinking a lot lately about who I am and the work that I do here in the world. Since February of this year it has been a struggle. For those of you who read my post on Fear, you might be familiar with the journey I have been on.

My story is that I never thought I was going to be a therapist. No way, no how. Even when I was getting my undergrad in psychology I still never thought it was going to be the thing for me. I was going to be a writer, a lawyer, an actress, a dancer, someone famous, but never a therapist.

Funny thing, the world works in mysterious ways…How did I end up in a graduate level social work program that had a heavy emphasis on the clinical aspects? How was it that the program I was in was the only program I applied to? How does all of that work out?

And now here I am, years after graduating and years after getting licensed as a clinical social worker in two different states, with my very own private psychotherapy practice in Silicon Valley and dreams to go big. These aren’t the plans I had for myself…

Yet, there was a greater plan and I am learning to just flow with it.

Back in February it came to my awareness that I need to accept the many different gifts I have been blessed with and step into my role as a healer. The last 7 months have been an incredible roller coaster as I took a wild ride looking into what that means for my life and my private practice.



Energy medicine.



How on earth am I supposed to decide what my path is? How on earth am I supposed to work with these things?

I might get outted. I might lose my license. People might think I’m too woo-woo. People might not understand.

But this is who I am. This is what I do.

Oh, the joys (I say that with every ounce of sarcasm you can imagine) I have experienced over the past several months. But, there actually have been true joys as well as true sorrows. Owning and accepting one role as I shed and let go of another. It’s all a process and I am so grateful that I have made it through.

What today’s post is meant to share is how I have blended all of my gifts and talents, and how I offer it to my clients in my role as a psychotherapist.

I’ve been the therapist who does the short-term, brief solution focused, CBT, DBT and all that other jazz focusing not on the deep healing, but on the band aid to help you get through (I'm not negating the benefits of those treatments, I'm just saying, they don't seem to offer truly long term fixes in the way that I would like). And I can still do that today, but that is not where my passion lies.

Today my passion lies in using my training as a psychotherapist with all of the practical tools that I've learned, and combining it with my intuition and spirituality in a beautiful way that helps my clients get the deep healing they need on a much, much deeper, longer lasting, soul level. The work that I do with my clients helps them evolve on a soul level. 

I was listening to a webinar about a month ago and the presenter phrased it very beautifully when he said that we can do all of the practical work that we want, and we can do all of the spiritual work that we want, but the true magic happens when we are able to bring it all together and marry the two in the perfect harmony. (That's what I heard anyway.)

That statement made so much sense to me!

As I have been asked to look closer at who I am and what I do, I realized that in my work as a holistic psychotherapist, I help my clients by providing them the practical pieces and the spiritual pieces and allowing them to blend the two together to form the perfect harmony they need for their deep soul healing to occur. My clients are actually able to move forward and evolve on their soul’s journey through this life.

When I was describing this perfect blend of practicality and spirituality to one of my clients, she said so beautifully, “Oh, it’s like a cup of tea! You can have a cup of hot water over there, and a tea bag over there, but when you put the two together, that’s when you actually have a cup of tea.”


That is the work that I do in this world!

I help you create your perfect cup of tea.

I help you take that cup of hot water over there, and that tea bag over there, and put the two of them together to bring you the warm, soothing, delicious comfort of a nice cup of tea.

That cup of tea is you. That cup of tea is who you are when all of the right ingredients come together for just the right amount of time. That cup of tea is the soothing balm for your soul as you grow and evolve.

That is the magic that happens when you work with me. You get your perfect cup of tea. 

If you are interested in creating your perfect cup of tea and working with a holistic psychotherapist to get the deep healing you seek so that you can find peace and joy in your life, visit our What You Need to Know page to see if we are meant to work together.

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