Venus is in the Underworld

Some of you might be wondering why most of my posts lately have been about astrology. I’m a therapist, right? I’m supposed to know that astrology is just pseudopsychology, right?

Well, I used to think that, but then I stepped into who I am as a healer and once I opened myself up to truly standing in who I am as a holistic psychotherapist and intuitive healer, the possibilities became endless. I started reading more about astrology and I found that everything I read was in some way relevant to me. Upon sharing these experiences with friends and mentors they echoed the same thoughts about how relevant it’s been for them.

I then gave myself permission to start writing about it and how it might be impacting you (especially as they relate to relationships).

The response I have gotten to my posts about the current astrology have been incredible!

People who only partially believe in astrology or believe it to be a pseudoscience have been sharing their feedback that the things I have been writing about have been so spot on and relevant to where they are right now and what they have been experiencing.

So, I’ve decided to keep sharing (especially with Venus in retrograde right now bringing up all of our relationship stuff…and relationships are my specialty).

Last week I heard something on the Pele Report that made complete and total sense to me, it helped me fully move through the whole pseudopsychology debate in my head. He mentioned that we are human, and we have our wants and desires, and that’s okay, that’s what our will is about and what we think our mission is about. And then, there’s our soul, and astrology is related to our soul’s journey in this life. Makes total sense!

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all here on this Earth school to learn our deeper lessons. And right now, LOTS of deep lessons might be coming to the surface for you.

Venus entered the mid-point of her retrograde cycle this past weekend and she began what many astrologers are referring to as her decent into the underworld. At this point, Venus is right down there, in the deep trenches of the underworld and she is bringing all of our deepest, darkest shadows up to the surface for us to review.

This is not a bad thing, the underworld and shadows are not bad places to be, when we can get the healing from them. As Marianne Williamson says, it’s about standing within the darkness while we know our light. When we are willing to stand in the darkness while knowing the light, breakthroughs and miracles are possible, and greater order can be restored.

What is likely coming up for you are very old thoughts and patterns that you thought you had already resolved, and on some level they may have been. But we humans are like onions, as one layer gets peeled, another, deeper layer emerges and makes itself known to us. What’s coming up now is an opportunity to look at that deeper level.

An example of this is let’s say you grew up in a family where you were verbally, physically, or sexually abused. You have worked really hard on your healing and have learned that you don’t need to beat up on yourself. You’re doing really well, things are flowing, life is good.

Then, Venus enters her descent into the underworld, you have a little verbal slip up with a friend, and you start to beat yourself up over it. Your friend said she wasn’t worried about what you said, but you still can’t let it go. You feel like she SHOULD be mad at you, but she’s not. Why can’t you let it go???

The awareness here is that some part of you still believes that you need to be beaten and abused, therefore you beat yourself up over it when there is no one else to beat you up for it.

WOW. What a deep awareness, right?

What we are being asked to do at this time is simply to be mindful, to recognize what patterns might be coming up, and to see what deeper message or opportunity for deeper healing is here for us.

Allow yourself to be gentle and kind as the messages and awarenesses come up. And at the point of recognition, thank the message for the awareness and the lesson, and take that forward with you.

Venus reemerges from the underworld in another few days, so just sit tight! She’s in retrograde until Sept 6, 2015 so things will still come up to be reviewed, but so will opportunities to learn the deeper lessons and get the deeper healing. Remember, this time is all about our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with money. Be mindful of what’s coming up for you to heal.

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