Venus Retrograde and our Relationships

I’m not too familiar with astrology other than my Zodiac sign. However, lately I’ve been drawn to learning more about astrology and the more I do, the more fascinated I am.

Take for example the Mercury retrograde period we just had. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap, but in all honesty, Mercury retrograde brings unresolved things up to the surface for us to get a better look at them. Yes, it might bring upon some communication snafus and lead to some feelings getting hurt, but during Mercury retrograde periods, if we remember to take things with a grain of salt, it’s not so bad.

I know this was true for me. Lots of things that I had been working on came up to the surface for me to take another, deeper look at them. At the same time, there were a couple of occasions where people I love, adore, and respect very much said some things that didn’t sit well with me, but rather than take it personally, I took it with a grain of salt, and it didn’t end up hurting those relationships.

The more I learn about astrology, the more I find truth in how the planets really do influence life on Earth.

That said, I am aware that Venus, the planet of love, desire, and passion, is about to go retrograde this Saturday July 25, 2015. What astrologers are saying about this period is that we will have an opportunity to revisit relationship stuff. Some astrologers are predicting this might look like old flames popping out of the woodwork all of a sudden or even old feelings for past loves surfacing and arising. However, they are saying that not only will old relationship with lovers come up, but our relationship with money might also come up for review.

What do I mean when I say that something is coming up for review?

That means that the things we have not fully resolved within ourselves or with those around us (i.e. past loves), will come up to the surface and possibly wreak havoc on our lives if we are not aware where they are coming from.

This might look like perhaps a couple of years ago you bypassed feeling your emotions after a bad breakup. All of a sudden over these next few weeks, you might start to think about this person and start to experience these feelings, or, you might get into a relationship that really brings up the old feelings of anger that were left unresolved.

There is one thing to be cautious about when it comes to Venus. She is the ruler of love, but the love she rules is that of passion and infatuation. So, if old loves are coming out of the woodwork, it might be helpful to assess your true feelings about the situation: Are you wanting to hang out with this person because the sex was good and that’s what you are missing, or was there really a true connection there? If it’s initially because the sex was good, when you start communicating with that person, you might start to see that the person you are talking to has not changed one bit, whereas you have changed a great deal. In that case, do you make the choice to fall into your old relationship pattern of having empty sex, or do you decide that you would rather live in the integrity of who you are today and pass? The choice is yours. In my mind, that’s what these retrograde periods are about.

When things come up for our review, unless we are mindful of them, we don’t always know where they are coming from and they might take us by surprise. However, if we can be mindful of our thoughts and feelings and if we can recognize, “Oh, Venus is in retrograde, this might be related to old stuff coming up to be looked at again,” it makes it a whole lot easier to learn the lessons that are arising and resolve them. You might ask yourself, “What unresolved lesson is coming up here and what can I learn from it?” On the flip side, if we don’t resolve the lesson that has come up to be looked at on a deeper level, we might find ourselves faced with that lesson again in another way at another time.

It might seem a little difficult to comprehend at first, but it really does make sense after you start to learn more about it. The danger lies in when we are not mindful of what is going on in the energy and the astrology. It’s then that our lives might start to look like it’s falling apart all around us and we will feel completely ripped out of our lives and taken away by the undercurrent. Another major danger: Bypassing the process. Just because you know stuff is coming up due to being in a retrograde period, you still need to process through it to learn the lesson and get the gifts. 

Venus retrograde will last for 6 weeks, so starting July 25, 2015 through September 6, 2015. If you find yourself experiencing old relationship patterns coming up for review and would like support as we make our way through this period, call or email us for your free initial consultation of how we can help.