What is Therapy?

As a therapist, I am often asked by family, friends, and potential clients, what do you do in therapy and how do you pick a therapist or counselor? 

My response is usually as follows:

Therapy, also known as counseling, is a chance for you to speak with someone specially trained in listening and helping you with whatever you might be going through right now. The best way to pick a therapist or counselor is to interview a few and decide which one feels like the best fit for you.

So what do I mean by all of that? This will be a two blog answer. :) Click here for Part 2. 

Part 1 of what I mean is:

In life hard things happen. We might be going through stress at work, challenges in our relationship, difficulty balancing all of the demands on ourselves. Or, we may be dealing with the effects of childhood experiences that are carrying over into adulthood and making our adult lives miserable.

 If we have concerns about our children, it might be that their grades have dropped, you are noticing them more withdrawn, or they are more irritable with you. Either way, it doesn’t mean that you or your child are “damaged.” It simply means there is something going on right now that is hard for you or your child to manage on your own. 

The role of a therapist is not to give you all the answers, or to give you advice. The role of a therapist is to help you by listening to your current situation, identifying for you patterns in thinking and behavior that you may not have recognized, challenge you into making changes in these patterns, and if you are at a loss of ideas of your own, to help suggest ideas for making change or practicing different behaviors. Ultimately, how you chose to act or respond is your decision. A therapist cannot force you into doing anything. No one can. Change must come from within. 

Most people think that when you are seeing a therapist, there must be something horribly wrong with you. That train of thought could not be further from the truth. More and more people these days are seeking the expert services of a neutral, third party to help them talk things out, make their own decisions, and learn to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Nobody LIKES being miserable. We are often miserable because we don’t know how else to be. 

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