Riding the Waves

I am so excited to share with you a video blog describing a little bit more about what it means to ride the waves. I was so inspired watching the surfers that were near my hotel on my business trip last week that I just had to share this technique with all of you (no, don't worry, you won't have to get up on a real surf board if you don't want to). 

Often times we can become so overwhelmed by our thoughts or feelings that it can feel like the difficult thoughts, feelings, or situations will never end. However, what we can learn from riding the wave is that similar to how the waves come in and out, the same way, our thoughts, feelings, and situations come in and out. This technique is great to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, or just overall life stuff. Check it out!

"Hello there, this is Shirani Pathak, licensed psychotherapist, and I wanted to share this video today to talk a little bit more about riding the waves and how we ride the waves in our lives. Now, riding the wave is a technique that is used in therapy to help overcome those overwhelming emotions. So, taking a video of these surfers is really helpful because it helps in talking about what exactly riding the waves is.

So, as you can see, the surfers first are just kind of hanging out, things are stable, things are going okay, they are waiting. And then, and then a wave comes! And you have to learn how to get over it, get on it, and ride it. You don’t always win at it, sometimes the wave does get you, but a lot of times, you can learn to surf it.

More about what that means is, we go through our day to day lives, things are okay, we are hanging out, it’s normal, we’re doing good. And then all of a sudden, something can trigger us, and that triggers that really big wave that comes through.

And if we can learn how to work through the trigger, to know that that trigger is not going to last forever, just like these waves, they come and they go. So if we are able to do that, then we can successfully learn to ride them out. Like that guy back there, riding out that wave, until it’s over and the next one comes to pass.

That’s what riding the wave really means. And sure, when you watch these guys, sometimes they get knocked over, sometimes the waves do win, but, we get through it, and things get stable until another one comes through. But until then, we know we have the tools that we need to succeed and to make it through."

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