Mindfulness: Being Present in This Moment

This week I've decided to share a video blog with you, demonstrating one definition of what mindfulness is. Below the video and the transcript is some additional commentary. Enjoy! :)


People often ask me what mindfulness is and my response to them is: The action of being fully present in this moment. 

For example, I am here sitting on the beach watching the waves as they roll in and out in front of me, listening to the sounds that they make, listening to the wind, hearing the sounds of the boats as they go by. Occasionally the sea lions on that rock make some sound and I notice and observe that sound as well. Now and again there's also the shrieks of children and other people playing on the beach, and I get a chance to listen to that too. And I just notice and observe that they are there. And as I sit here with my toes in the sand, watching the beach, watching the waves, and paying attention to all of the sights and sounds in this present moment, I know that everything is just right and just as it should be, in this moment. 

And that is one definition of what Mindfulness is.

Additional Commentary:

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere at any time. It is simply about being present with where we choose to place our attention. 

I often hear: But Shirani, there's never any time for any of this mindfulness and meditation stuff! 

My response: NOT TRUE!

Mindfulness is as simple as paying attention to the task at hand. If you are washing the dishes, pay attention to the action of washing dishes: Feel the temperature of the water, feel the texture of the sponge, feel the way it feels to engage in the same repetitive motion as you move the sponge over the dish. If you are making a sandwich, pay attention to the task of making a sandwich: Feel yourself take the bread out of the bag, feel the texture of the bread, feel the mustard bottle as you squeeze it onto the bread, feel the temperature of the knife as you spread the mustard onto the bread...Wow, I'm getting all Zen'd out just writing about the actions of staying present with the task at hand! ;)

Sometimes, mindfulness can also be just slowly sipping on your morning cup of coffee as you quietly sit in a chair and enjoy the flavor, the smell, the temperature, and the way that the coffee warms you up inside. 

So, no more excuses, get to it!

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