Our Year in Review

The year 2015 was a big one for us here at the Relationship Center of Silicon Valley.

We had our ups and our downs, as any business does, but in the end, it was an awesome year.

We moved out of our starter office (an office that was sublet in a larger office suite), into our own office, a beautiful suite all to ourselves which includes a warm and inviting waiting room complete with self-service refreshments area, private in-suite bathroom (no more walking down the hall with a key to get into a locked and stinky bathroom, yay!), and our very own workshop room with stunning views of the Santa Cruz mountains.

2015 was also the year that I started really deepening into the work that I do in my role as a holistic psychotherapist and started taking a 15-month energy medicine certification program in April. The results of pulling in a complete psycho-spiritual approach to the work that I do has been INCREDIBLE!

The more I step into my role as a holistic psychotherapist and intuitive healer, the more impactful changes I see in my clients on a deep and profound level. It has also been incredibly powerful to start incorporating the energy medicine pieces into the psychotherapy sessions and witnessing the shifts my clients experience on their healing journeys.

Another big thing that shifted for me in 2015 was working on bringing my book, based on my favorite topic: Healthy Relationships, into reality. Early last year I got the message that I would be writing a book based on the work around healthy relationships that I do, and “Viola!” just like that, the Universe provided the perfect opportunity. The book outline, proposal and sample chapters have already taken form and I’m really excited for it. Writing a book is whole other process of its own. There are so many fears to face, sit with, and work through, but the result is rewarding. I went back and forth with editors and can really feel the magic this book will bring to the lives of its readers.

It’s beautiful to live life in the flow, being open to the messages that come, and operating from a place of trust. Life really is easier that way.

Another one of the messages that I had gotten last year what to start a therapy group for Adult Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. This was yet another giant leap for me and I am happy to say, I was pleased with the results. The resiliency I see in women survivors of childhood sexual abuse is amazing and it is truly an honor to witness not only the resiliency, but the growth and healing that happens when a group of women with this shared experience come together in community.

This upcoming year is shaping up real nicely as well and I am excited for continued expansion and growth in 2016 as I allow myself into the flow. This year I have a vision of hiring a new staff person to help expand services offered at the Center, facilitating workshops more consistently, and expanding my use of all things woo in the work I do. ;)

So far this year we have already had our first lunch time meditation, our first free talk, our first workshop (our annual Setting your Year’s Vision Boarding Event, this year incorporating Feng Shui into the mix), and tonight is our first evening meditation of the year. And, this week Thursday January 21, 2016 at 7:30 pm I will be at East West Bookstore in Mountain View speaking on the topic From Self-Love to True Love: How to Create Deeply Fulfilling Relationships. Come out and join us!

Coming up next month on February 13, 2016 at 11 am I will be facilitating our first Half-Day Women’s Retreat for the year, diving deep into the elements of healthy relationships and guiding you through experiential practices around working on your own foundation first. Click here to learn more.

March will likely include some sort of women’s healing circle, incorporating sound and energy rebalancing. Beyond that, we shall see how Sprit moves me! :D

I also hope to facilitate another round of the Adult Women Survivors Group in the upcoming months. Please help me spread the word and let women who might benefit from this service know that it is here. Help is available and healing is possible.

I look forward to keeping you in the loop of all the new and exciting things going on at the Center as well as sharing more tips and tools along the way! Here's to a GREAT 2016! :D

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