Individual Therapy

The counseling services we provide at the Center for Soulful Relationships are unique and innovative in the field of psychotherapy. Many of our clients have been to therapy in the past and have experienced a sort of "band-aid" approach to healing. They go in during a difficult time, learn some tools, and leave a short while later, while never having gotten to the root cause of the difficulty. Here at the Center, we know band-aid therapy has its time and its place, and here is not it. 

Clients who choose to work with us for individual support are ready to get to the root cause of their wound. Our clients recognize they have some similar patterns in their lives, or themes that seem to run on replay, and they are ready to resolve these patterns and themes. As painful as it might feel initially, our clients are ready to rip off the band-aid, pull out the hydrogen peroxide, and clean the wound from the inside out, thereby allowing it to finally heal. 

Our clients know and recognize this is not going to be a short-term approach to healing, and they also know, our goal is not to keep them here forever. Our goal is to help you find your wound, clean it out, find relief, and feel confident in your ability to navigate the rest of your days with your newfound perspective. Our goal is for you to leave here knowing what your wound is, seeing when it's been activated, and relating with it as the loving adult that you are, thus helping you feel better. You will either be able to reduce the amount of time or intensity you feel triggered, or reduce your triggers all together, which results in living a happier, healthier, more successful and fulfilled life. 

What sets us apart and makes us innovators in our field is our ability to gracefully and ethically integrate intuition, spirituality, and ancient wisdom (such as energy healing practices) into the psychotherapy room. This magical blend is true alchemy for our clients. Our clients leave us finally feeling a sense of wholeness and completion within themselves. 

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Family Therapy

Our children are highly sensitive. They are often our informants that something is out of balance in our family. When your child is the reason you are seeking therapy (whether that child be a minor or an adult), they are demonstrating a symptom of the imbalance, they are not the cause.

Therefore, when we receive inquiries for working with children and teens at the Center, we work as a collaborative team to support the family. Sometimes this support looks like the therapist never meeting with the child and only working directly with parents to help parents get the family back in balance. Other times this looks like joint sessions where child is working with one clinician and parents with another until the family is ready to be in the same space together. Sometimes, we take an even more radical approach, and work together with the entire family in a highly structured therapy modality to help restructure the entire family in a very active and therapist directed approach. We have found these are the most effective ways to help families come together and heal their relationships with one another.

When choosing us as your family therapist as it relates to your child, know that sometimes the way this looks is we may never meet your child. Other times this might look like 2 sessions per week, one for parents and one for the child who is struggling. And if choosing the last option, this will look like 10-12 weekly highly structured sessions with the entire family present.

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Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching and mentorship are offered via single sessions, packages, and our Elite VIP Coaching services. For best results, packages are recommended. Coaching and mentorship works best when conducted over time, which allows an opportunity for behaviors to shift and change. However, we have also seen some great work can be done in one session. 

Our Elite VIP Coaching Services are for those who are ready to uplevel their lives in big ways: clearing blocks, moving up, and feeling better. During our Elite VIP Coaching Services, you will work directly with Shirani M. Pathak intensively for a period of 3 or 6 months. Together we will set concrete goals and work towards them with a level of depth like you have never seen before. You will go to some places within you that you never knew existed, clear out the cobwebs, wipe through the dust, and discover your inherent worthiness.

Custom packages may be available based on an intuitive model. 

These services are available to individual persons and can be conducted in the office or virtually anywhere in the world.

Please note, Coaching and Mentorship services are not psychotherapeutic in nature and are neither reimbursable by insurance companies nor can you use your HSA/FSA card to pay for them. 

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Integrative Healing Sessions

During Integrative Healing Sessions, your practitioner uses energy healing techniques combined with knowledge of psychology and spirituality to help you clear and release any stagnant energy that has been impacting your well being. These sessions help shift barriers and blocks for your deeper healing and evolution. Please note, Integrative Healing Sessions services are not psychotherapeutic in nature and are neither reimbursable by insurance companies nor can you use your HSA/FSA card to pay for them.
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Workshops and Retreats

The Center for Soulful Relationships offers a variety of workshops and classes throughout the year. For more information, visit our Events page. To stay informed about current happenings, we invite you to sign up for our Newsletter where we share all our news and events. 

Speaking and Consulting

Our director, Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW, is our speaker and consultant. She offers a variety of different speaking topics, including Spirituality and Relationships, Healthy Relationships for Women, Self-Care for Women, Living Authentically for Women, and Incorporating Mindfulness and Spirituality into your health and wellness routine.
She is also available to consult with other professionals and organizations.
For more information, contact her directly by calling 408.478.4325 or emailing You can also learn more about Shirani at

A Note on Insurance and Fees

Fees and Payment of Fees
Fees for our therapy and integrative healing services are $225 per 50 minute session with Shirani M. Pathak and $180 per 50 minute session with Christopher Alvarado

For Coaching and Mentorship, single sessions are available for $235. Custom packages are available.

Fees for groups and workshops vary by event. 

Payment is expected in full at the time of service for psychotherapy services. For all other services, payment is expected at the time of booking. The Center accepts cash, checks, all major credit cards, and HSA/FSA cards for psychotherapy services. There is a $35 fee for all returned or cancelled checks.

Our Center is completely private pay. That means we do not directly work with or accept any type of insurance. 

We understand that for some people, using insurance helps in being able to access services. For that reason, if your insurance is a PPO and allows you to see an Out of Network provider, we can provide you with a special receipt, called a Superbill, which you can submit to your insurance company in order to seek full or partial reimbursement for services rendered. It is your responsibility to speak with your insurance company and ensure that your insurance provider will reimburse you for services. For more information about insurance, click here

Cancellations and No Shows
Our time is valuable, as is yours. We request a 24-hour notice for any cancellation. For Monday appointments, notice is required by 5 pm the previous Friday. All appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full. Please note, if you choose to use your insurance for psychotherapy services, charges for late cancel/missed appointments are not reimbursable by your insurance company.