Are you having issues with your partner, parents, in-laws, children, siblings, bosses, coworkers or friends?


(Like they kind of drive you nuts and you still choose to love them anyway...?)


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Yes, I am ready to thrive!

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Hi there,

Does it sometimes feels like your partner is unsupportive?

Or you wish your children would change the way they act?

How about your you feel he or she is kind of an idiot who doesn't know what they are doing and you know how to do it best?

Now, what about your siblings, coworkers and friends...when you hear their stories do you feel like you know exactly what they need to do and how to do it in order to change their lives...if only they would listen to you?

If any of this sounds even a little bit like you, then WELCOME, you are in the right place!

Around here we know what it feels to have most of life all figured out, with one little exception: How to deal with ourselves and other people.

When other people just aren't acting right and you feel like you have the answers to "fix" them, yet you wonder why nobody listens to the wisdom you have to share, this can leave you feeling pretty upset and frustrated. 

"If only they would listen to me..."
"I know what's best..."
"If only they would do it my way..."

And then one day you wake up and you realize, "Wait a minute...I can't even figure this stuff out for myself...I need some help!"

That's where we come in.

We are the Center for Soulful Relationships and we help people learn how to thrive in relationships!

You will learn how to be in relationships with others exactly as they are, without the need to fix, save or rescue, loving people exactly where they are.

We have learned when you can do that, a whole new world opens up for you: You start to live a life filled with love and understanding beyond your wildest dreams.

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